What to Wear in Barcelona in Fall

Posted on Jun 24 2013 - 11:51am by Tyler Coleman

The fall season in capital city of Barcelona is not only beautiful, but also leaves you spellbound. The yellowish and greenish hues of the earth and nature around will keep you mesmerized. The going summer and the coming winters will welcome you with open arms and so will the locals, provided you know what to wear in Barcelona in fall season. This is the time the city dons its most stylish clothes, the svelte and fitting cuts will definitely awe you. With proper outfit, you can be a part of it, too.

What to Wear in Barcelona in Fall

Weather during Fall Season in Barcelona

Because of the rainfall, temperature in Barcelona falls in autumn. In this capital city, autumn begins during October and lasts until November. The weather becomes wet due to frequent rainfalls. Fog often emanates from sea and nights experience a temperature of around 12 degrees, which is quite cold. Even worse, the temperature may fall down to 8 degrees during November.

What to Wear in Barcelona during fall?

This is the time when the city is bustling with activity. Besides, people in Barcelona dress very informally, but they lack no elegance when dressing up for an event like opera or dining out. Since this is the peak season, you wouldn’t want to appear dressed down in front of locals.

Women – Women can go for anything, but avoid wearing too short or dresses that are too tight, especially during day; you can save them for fancy restaurants. Since the weather will be a little on a colder side, you can pack your jeans, t-shirts and few woolen pullovers and jackets.

Men – Men can go for jeans and trousers. Avoid shorts as they will leave you vulnerable to the cold weather during fall. A cotton sweater or a light jacket would be all you need during October, but come November you’ll be rushing for a fleece pullover or a warm coat.

Kids – Children can catch cold very easily, so you need to make sure they are covered with proper gear before stepping out. A light cotton sweater or jacket would suffice. You can also accessorize them with a hat and proper shoes.

Footwear – Since it’s neither too warm nor too cold, you have an unlimited choice. If you are just going for a stroll, loafers or sandals can be good options. For a night out, formal shoes for men and heels for ladies will be more than enough.

Accessories – An umbrella for prevention against rains during the season is a must-have. Sunglasses, hats, and sunblock are other stuff you shouldn’t forget.

Remember, Barcelona isn’t just a beach location; it’s a city too, so you must dress accordingly. The city is active up to wee hours, so you can also pack a set of earplugs to let you sleep in peace. An adaptor might also be required if your device works at 220v supply.

Keeping in mind these small precautions will make your journey even better and you can enjoy all the serenity and elegance the city has to offer during this season.