What to Wear in Bangkok

Posted on Aug 9 2013 - 3:49am by Tyler Coleman
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Also known as ‘Venice of the East’, Bangkok is an amazing city built on rivers and canals. Most of the people visit the city not just because of its culture and museums but also because it offers cheap clothing. To get the best deals, you should avoid looking like a tourist and that can be done by knowing what to wear in Bangkok.

What to Wear in Bangkok

Weather of Bangkok

Bangkok is no exception to hot and humid Thai weather. The weather in Bangkok is hot tropical, and due to this, such hot and humid conditions prevail in the city throughout the year. Just like many other tropical climates, the weather here is also divided into two seasons: wet and dry.

The rainy season in Bangkok lasts from May to September and is heaviest during June. Despite the fact that this is wet season, you can see plenty of sunshine during these months and you will actually be thanking the rain for bringing relief from such hot temperatures which are in the high 20s.

November to February is the driest time for the city which also makes it a popular time to visit. The fact that it rarely sees rainfall and falls just before the hot season makes it a very good time for tourists. After this time, the temperature starts to soar above 30s, which gets a little uncomfortable and increased humidity, too, adds to discomfort.

As you can see that like any other tropical climate, the weather is just split up into two seasons and both of them do not experience much variation in temperatures. So, overall, you have just two words for Bangkok weather – hot and humid!

What to Wear and How to Pack for Bangkok?

Bangkok is an urban, modern, and chic city and it doesn’t follow the strict rules of dressing like other Thai towns. However, you must remember that it is a city and not a beach location. You must be dressed in appropriate clothing to avoid weird stares. You must keep three things in mind – practicality, convenience, and respect for their culture. Dress up in a manner that fulfills all three. Here are some suggestions:

Women – It is hot! Very, very hot! Shorts no shorter than knees would do and that too only for shopping and sightseeing. Some places do not allow entry if your pants don’t reach your ankles or if you are in sleeveless dresses. For the sake of weather and culture, too, you pick up clothes that don’t make you sweat. You can go for cotton flowing skirts or light linen pants or khaki ones and half-sleeve T-shirts. Tight jeans and silk would only add to your misery, so steer clear of them. Most of the places have strong air-conditioning, so pack a shawl that you can wear inside. Tank-tops are strictly not suggested; instead, you can go for tunics with leggings or sundresses. For evening purposes, you can go for cocktail dresses and a light shawl.

Men – Respect for their culture is must for you, too. So don’t go around the city shirtless or in a vest just because it is too hot. You can go for cotton and linen shirts and T-shirts. Knee-length shorts are fine but most of the places prefer full pants. You can go for cargoes or khaki pants and team them with half-sleeve cotton shirts or polo-neck T-shirts. Carry a casual jacket, too, as some places have strong air-conditioning.

Kids – Don’t make your kids sweat in the hot and humid weather. Pack clothes in breathable fabrics and the ones that can be drenched easily after the day. You can go for cotton T-shirts and knee-length skirts. Don’t go for jeans; instead, you can opt for linen pants or leggings. Dresses are fine for formal occasions and also remember to keep a light jacket or sweater.

Footwear – Comfortable footwear in this city is a must, as sidewalks are often shoddy. You can go for flat ballets or espadrilles for shopping or sightseeing. Loafers and open-toe sandals will also be good. For evenings, you can pack oxford shoes and small heels.

Accessories – Be prepared for rain by carrying an umbrella with you. A bag is must and so are lots of sunscreen and glare-free sunglasses.

Pack light as the city has a very cheap market and once you are shopping here, you will wish you had brought another bag.