What to Wear in Bangkok in October

Posted on Sep 11 2013 - 5:46pm by Tyler Coleman

‘The city of angels’ or Bangkok is one of the most exciting and happening cities of Southeast Asia. The city has everything from grandeur of palaces to a rich legacy of temples and the amazing nightlife, and of course, the irresistible shopping! October is great month to visit Bangkok as the weather is very pleasant. Read on to know what to wear in Bangkok in October.

What to Wear in Bangkok in October

Weather of Bangkok in October

Thailand, as a whole, witnesses high temperatures and high humidity throughout the year, and its capital Bangkok is no exception to this. Just like any Thai region, Bangkok, too, has a hot tropical climate. As a characteristic feature of many tropical climates, the seasons are divided as wet and dry seasons. The month of October lies during ‘low season’ or you can say that the weather is relatively drier than other months. It does rain but not as much as you would expect. Even the temperatures are not that high and generally range between 25 to 28 degrees Celsius. The occasional showers and light breezes provide respite from the heat.

What to Wear and How to Pack for Bangkok in October?

Despite the insufferable humidity, people in Bangkok dress up quite chic and an effort for the same from tourists is always appreciated. Here are some suggestions:

Women – Pack light clothes only and carry as little as possible as Bangkok offers amazing bargain options and cheap clothes. Normally, shorts and t-shirts in the streets would do. Most Thai people wear full clothes, but as the weather is hot, it doesn’t make much of a difference. You can pack skirts, shorts or ¾ pants along with tank-tops and sleeveless blouses, or go for sundresses and rompers. Bikinis or beachwear is meant for beaches only, so keep it that way. Also pack something conservative for the palace, like full pants and full-sleeve top or blouse. For the evening outs, you can go for cocktail dresses or tunics.

Men – Take absolute minimum clothes like Bermuda shorts and t-shirts. You can also go for full-sleeve button-down shirt and full-length trouser for a slightly conservative and formal look. However, most of the restaurants do accept half-sleeve shirts provided they can be buttoned. You can also go for polo-neck t-shirts and chinos.

Kids – Girls can go for tunics and slacks or shorts along with tank-tops or sleeveless tops. Jumpsuits or skirts can also be packed or if you wish, go for sundresses. Boys can go for shorts/pants along with t-shirts and shirts. Keep a light jacket or cardigan to cover up inside cold buildings.

Footwear – Needless to say that you will need comfortable shoes for walking, so go for something comfy like sandals, flat ballets or gladiators. You can also go for trainers or sneakers and a pair of formal shoes for evenings.

Accessories – Pack a sunscreen with good SPF, a scarf and a nice bag along with a chic pair of sunglasses. You can also pack a shawl or a sarong to cover up when you are not at the beach. And, don’t forget an empty suitcase because cheap clothes here are irresistible!

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