What to Wear in Bangkok in November

Posted on Sep 11 2013 - 5:51pm by Tyler Coleman

The Loi Krathng Festival which is the most popular festival in Bangkok takes place in late November. Its main attraction is boats and baskets made up of banana leaves which are filled with candles, flowers and incense coins and then put in water bodies. The festival is one of a kind, and if you truly want to enjoy it, you must mix up with the locals. For that you will need a little knowledge of what to wear in Bangkok in November. With appropriate dressing, you are sure to get a better treatment.

What to Wear in Bangkok in November

Weather of Bangkok in November

November is the coolest and the most ideal month to visit Bangkok with an average temperature of 28 degrees Celsius. The average highs and lows are 31 degrees and 24 degrees Celsius, respectively, which are in fact lowest in the year. However, the sea temperature remains 29 degrees Celsius (which is same throughout the year) but the rainfall drops down to 40 mm over five days and even humidity sees a drop. Even the sunshine increases with noticeably, i.e., about eight hours per day.

What to Wear and How to Pack for Bangkok in November?

November is a slightly cooler month but the temperature is still about 28 degrees, so pack summer clothes for Bangkok. Here are some ideas.

Women – For sightseeing purposes, you can bring a nice tank-top or a light cotton vest, shorts or cargo capris. To be on the safer side, make sure your shorts are at least knee-length and cover up with a nice and loose cotton shirt, too. It will also save you from the sun. For visiting palace, you can go with a nice short-sleeve floral dress along with a light cardigan. It’s better if you go a little conservative here. For the nightlife, you can go with a romper or a floral dress or the usual LBD.

Men – Just like the ladies, your clothes would depend upon the place you are visiting. Site-seeing can be done in cotton vest and shorts or cargo capris. For a slightly conservative look, you can pack a nice cotton full-sleeve shirt along with dark trousers. You can also go for t-shirts and Bermuda shorts or cargoes.

Kids – Keep a lot of cotton and loose clothes for your kids, like light cotton skirts and shorts along with tank-tops or sleeveless tops and t-shirts. Boys can also go for cargoes, capris or shorts paired with t-shirts and shirts or polo-neck shirts.

Footwear – You should carry flexible yet well-cushioned sandals or flip-flops for walking purposes. For going to a little formal place, you can go with ballet flats, loafers, or sandals.

Accessories – The sun will be at its peak, so don’t forget your sunscreen and a hat along with trendy pair of sunglasses. Also keep a light jacket/cardigan or a shawl as buildings have strong ACs inside.

Try and keep your packing light as Bangkok has excellent shopping opportunities and you wouldn’t want to miss them just because there is no space in your suitcase.

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