What to Wear in Bangkok in February

Posted on Dec 16 2013 - 11:02am by Tyler Coleman

The city of Bangkok is the most heavily populated city in Thailand. This city is known for both its impressive business centrals as well as ancient Buddhist Temples. Both the architecture as well as the landscape is a sight to see. Bangkok has been a central hub for the arts, entertainment as well as fashion. Before planning a trip to Bangkok in February it is important to know a little bit about the weather conditions here. This will help you pick out the best clothes for your trip to Bangkok.

What to Wear in Bangkok in February

Weather of Bangkok in February

By all accounts both January and February are both extremely similar in terms of the weather conditions in Bangkok. During this time you can expect the temperatures to hover between the low 90’s and the low 70’s in the evening. Also, during February don’t expect to see too much rain, except for on occasion. This is typically the best time to visit as the heat has not completely taken over just yet, and the rainy season has not begun. The following suggestions are a great guide for your clothing options, while in Bangkok:

What to Wear and How to Pack for Bangkok in February?

Women: Depending on where you are going in Bangkok, you may decide to dress a little bit differently. Since this is not the official beginning of spring then you will not have to worry about it being hot. One of the best things a woman can bring along is some comfortable short sleeve tops. A simple T-shirt is appropriate or a light sweater to accompany it. Women can also wear a nice skirt or sun dress if they are in the mood for it. The warm weather will be perfect for this clothing option. It would be best to pick bright colors for your outfit as they do not attract the heat from the sun.

Men: Bangkok in February is absolutely perfect for T-shirts and short sleeve shirts. Fellas should consider bringing a couple pairs of chinos and shorts to wear while here. Also, If you plan on visiting the beach you expect the temperature to be around the low 80’s. This is perfect for that beach wear that you have tucked in your closet. For the evening time the temperatures drop to around 70’s, this is perfect for a light sweater or cardigan. You can wear dress pants or jeans if you like to help with the cool night air.

Kids: Kids can wear short sleeve shirts and shorts to the beach or anywhere in Bangkok. Young girls can wear skirts or leggings in the daytime. Another great options for young boys is a short sleeve dress shirt and a pair of chinos. Girls could wear capri pants and nice cool top in the day time. At night a simple light jacket will suffice for both girls and boys. Pants can be substituted for shorts as well.

Footwear: You may experience some light showers while in Bangkok during February. In light of this it is good to bring at least one pair of boots for the entire family. However, the majority of the time you can get away with wearing sandals(with or without socks). The warm weather is also great for tennis shoes, trainers and loafers. During the evening time ladies can wear heels with no problem and the fellas can wear dress shoes, for an evening dinner.

Accessories: Though it is very unlikely that you will experience any rainfall while here in Bangkok, it is a good idea for you to bring a umbrella.

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