What to wear in Bangkok in December

Posted on Sep 11 2013 - 5:55pm by Tyler Coleman

Deciding what to wear in Bangkok in December could be tricky when you have no idea about its weather and fashion scene. Read below to have some idea about the same.

What to wear in Bangkok in December

Weather of Bangkok in December

Bangkok has the reputation of being the hottest city in the world and while there is no doubt about it, it is equally humid, too! It has a tropical climate and hot tropical conditions prevail here throughout the year. Like any other tropical region, the weather is divided into wet and dry seasons. Consider yourself lucky if you are visiting in December as it lies in the middle of dry season and you can finally get some respite from the hot and humid weather. The temperatures are not as high as other times of the year and vary between 25 to 28 degrees Celsius. With decreased rainfall and a pleasant weather, it is an ideal time to visit Bangkok.

What to Wear and How to Pack for Bangkok in December?

Bangkok is a modern city and almost everything is acceptable here but that doesn’t mean you can roam around shirtless in the streets or go around in your bikini. Despite the humidity, the city has a chic dressing style and that is reflected in their etiquette and culture. Here are some suggestions:

Women – You should consider practicality, convenience and a respect for their culture while packing for Bangkok. December sees slightly lesser temperatures but it is still very hot, so pack only cotton and linen clothes. Bikinis are meant for beaches only, so pack some sort of wrap or sarong to cover up later. Tight jeans or silk will only add to your misery and you will be sweating every five minutes. You can pack casual clothes like capris and skirts along with blouses but don’t forget a dress for special events. Some places don’t let you in unless you are dressed appropriately with shoulders and ankles covered, so do pack something of that sort.

Men – While packing for Bangkok, you, too, should focus on being practical. You can easily stroll around in vests and shorts and nobody would blink an eye, but don’t go around shirtless in the streets as that is not considered appropriate in Bangkok. Do carry a light cotton shirt and t-shirts which can be paired with shorts, Bermuda shorts or trousers for formal occasions.

Kids – There is no specific dressing code for kids and they can dress according to their convenience, so you can pack jumpers or rompers or skirts and sleeveless tops or t-shirts and shorts for girls. Boys can also go for t-shirts and shirts along with shirts and trousers.

Footwear – Pack comfy and durable shoes like flip-flops, sneakers or trainers and loafers or sandals. You can pack a pair of heels and formal shoes to go with your formal outfit.

Accessories – Carry a light jacket or a shawl to cover up at colder places like inside buildings and malls. Apart from that, you will just need a chic air of sunglasses and a stylish bag.

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