What to Wear in Atlanta in January

Posted on Jan 13 2014 - 6:05am by Tyler Coleman

Atlanta is one of the most populated cities found within the state of Georgia. This city has nearly 6 million people within it, making it one of the most populated places in the United States as well. Atlanta is considered an alpha world city(which is a city that is booming in production and has a strong economic base). With an incredibly large history and beautiful countrysides, Atlanta is an awesome tourist destination. Millions of visitors ,visit Atlanta every year, usually during the summertime. Visiting Atlanta in January, means packing for the weather during this time.

What to Wear in Atlanta in January

Weather of Atlanta in January

January is the typically the coldest month of the year. Before traveling to Atlanta in January it is very important to understand the climate and weather averages on this month. January typically has average highs of about 11 degrees Celsius and lows of about 1 degree Celsius. Also, in January Atlanta experiences about 3 inches of rain during the month. Before getting your plane ticket to Atlanta, you should make sure that your luggage is thorough packed. Failure to pack correctly will effect the fun you have on your Atlanta vacation.

What to Wear and How to Pack for Atlanta in January ?

Women Wear: For women considering what to wear in Atlanta in January, should consider bring plenty of warm clothing. Women should bring winter wear on a vacation or trip to Atlanta in January. Winter wear should include some long t shirts that are dark colored. Dark colors during the winter time is extremely fashionable especially out in Georgia. Another option for women to wear is a nice sweater or woolen sweater. Sweater allow you to remain warm and comfortable while you are out and about in Atlanta. You should also bring a nice jacket with a hood on it as this can help keep your hair from getting wet in the rain. At night an woolen overcoat is an absolute must whether you wear a dress or some pants at night.

Men Wear: Men should keep their clothing options very limited to long sleeve options. These long sleeve options should include coats and winter jackets to help you stay warm. These jackets should be wind resistant as the city can get very windy during the day time. As far as pants are concerned you could sport a professional look by adding slacks to your sweater. You can also dress more casually by adding a nice pair of dark chinos to your cardigan or pullover options. At night you can not go wrong with a nice button up shirt and a blazer.

Kids Wear: Kids should remained bundled up while out in Atlanta as the temperatures will drop incredibly low as the sun goes down. Kids should definitely wear thermals underneath their clothing for even more warmth. Overall a child’s clothing should reflect their parents. A focus should be on sweaters, pullover and long dress shirts for both and day time. Young girls can wear a skirt as long as she wear leggings on for added warmth. At night an overcoat should be worn at night.

Footwear: When packing for Atlanta it is important to bring a nice pair of dockers or dress shoes for going out in the evening. While out in the daytime cross trainers and running shoes are the best options for walking around the city of Atlanta. Upscale boots such as timberlands make great options during the winter time.

Accessories: Atlanta is going to be a very cold climate during the month of January. You should bring a tundra hat or a hat with some sort of ear muffs on them.

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