What to Wear in Amsterdam

Posted on Aug 29 2013 - 3:10am by Tyler Coleman

Amsterdam is not only the largest city but also the capital of Netherlands. With its vibrant cultural hub, it is an excellent tourist destination. Its major attractions include historic canals on which the city is built, the red light district, cannabis coffee shops, and many museums. So, if you are planning a trip to Amsterdam, read on to for guidelines on what to wear in Amsterdam and many more packing advices.

What to Wear in Amsterdam

Weather of Amsterdam

This quirky capital of the Netherlands sits floating on a web of canals. The city is spread over four canals arranged in half concentric circles that fan out from central train station. Due to its architecture, the city is surrounded by large amount of water on all sides. As result, it has high humidity; in fact, highest in Europe! It is also 4th rainiest city in Europe.

Summer – From June to September, Amsterdam experiences summer season, with average highs of 18 to 21 degrees Celsius and lows being 11 to 13 degrees Celsius. The weather is generally pleasant and comfortable as you can see from the averages, but nights can turn a bit chilly and cold. July and August are the warmest months, seeing average temperature in 20s; but if the temperature rises any further than 20s, you might feel you are in tropics due to high humidity here. As it rains a lot, you might also encounter a shower or two on your trip.

Autumn – This is mild and wet season in Amsterdam. After mid-September, temperatures start to dip and you will feel the need of extra layers. By the end of November, rains become an everyday phenomenon and temperature drops down to 9 degrees from October’s 13 degrees Celsius.

Winter – Winters are cold and chilly but temperature doesn’t stay below freezing for long durations; though it does happen occasionally! Between December and February, the temperatures fall below 1 degree sometimes but the average highs remain around 6 degrees. Sunshine levels are only one hour each day but rainfall also reduces slightly.

Spring – There is just one word for Amsterdam in spring – beautiful! March is still pretty chilly but average highs rise up to 9 degrees C. and further increases in April. The brightly painted cafes with their windowsills filled with blooming flowers beckon you in every corner. This is also the driest time of the year.

What to Wear and How to Pack for Amsterdam?

Amsterdam, like any other city in Netherlands, is one of the places where you have to be prepared for everything, and that includes weather patterns. As far as fashion is concerned, it is unlike Paris and follows the general style of grunge meets vintage. You will not be required to dress up, but is always better to look presentable. Here are some suggestions:

Women – Summer will give you a chance to lighten up your wardrobe and you can go for skirts and shorts in neutral hues along with cotton tank-tops. You can also go for bright sundresses or loose cotton shirts along with darker leggings in cotton or linen. For other seasons, you can opt for warmer clothes and jackets depending upon the intensity of cold.

Men – You can go perfectly casual in the city in simple cotton t-shirts and Bermuda shorts. For a slightly smarter look, you can opt for khaki pants or cotton full pants or denims along with full-sleeve shirts. You can also go for polo-neck t-shirts and pair them with chinos. Don’t forget an all-weather jacket and warmer sweaters for winter season.

Kids – Layering would do for kids as it can get cold during summer evenings. You can pair cotton skirts and shorts with leggings and tank-tops with sweatshirts. Shorts and jeans would do for most of the weather conditions. Jackets would be required depending on how cold it is! And looking at weather patterns, the warmer the clothes you pack, the better it would be.

Footwear – Do bring comfortable footwear even if you intend to use public transport. Flats and loafers would be good options but it would be best if you stick to non-slippery footwear. Ankle booties with good grip would be perfect.

Accessories – An all-weather jacket and an umbrella are must-haves in every weather in Amsterdam. Apart from them, you can carry scarves, bags, sunglasses, and sunscreen.

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