What to Wear in Amsterdam in September

Posted on Oct 10 2013 - 11:50am by Tyler Coleman
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If you have a love for art/science, or both, visiting Amsterdam in September could be a good idea. To start with, there is an Amsterdam Fringe Festival featuring numerous performances across various locations in the city and giving you a taste of city’s art, dance, and theatre. Then there is a Discovery Festival at Science Centre NEMO which is packed with entertainment. The 15-hole indoor mini-golf as Glow Golf Amsterdam is worth a visit just for its futuristic settings. Savvy packing can help you a great deal in the city and enjoy your trip with comfort. Read on to know what to wear in Amsterdam in September.

What to Wear in Amsterdam in September

Weather of Amsterdam in September

September marks the beginning of autumn in Amsterdam which is also the wettest time of the year. The city becomes prone to moist westerly winds as well as significant fine spells of weather. Average temperatures can reach highs of 18 degrees Celsius during daytime and drop to lows of 10 degrees overnight. Sunshine hours decline during this time of the year with an average of 5 hours of sunshine daily. However, sunny spells are quite common here. The average sea temperature is 18 degrees Celsius.

What to Wear and How to Pack for Amsterdam in September?

The autumn weather is much like the spring weather, so the basic rules of packing stay the same. Here are some suggestions:

Women – Unless you want to burden yourself with the luggage, pack light. The weather is pleasant enough to go for shorts and skirts, but at the same time, it is cooler in the evenings, so you will need warm clothes, too. For daytime, you can go for printed T-shirts, cotton long-sleeve tops, denims shirt or a knitted top. You can pair them with shorts, skirts, and leggings or jeans. For cooler temperatures, pack a hooded coat, jacket, and leggings.

Men – Packing light is essential for men too! You should also stick to one item of neutral tone and other of a darker shade like black. Navy, gray and khaki work well too! You can go for trousers in light and heavy fabrics or denims and in darker shades which can be paired with T-shirts. The weather is very changeable, so make sure you have enough layers, like full-sleeve shirts and light sweaters or jackets. Capris and t-shirts are fine for the day but for evenings you will need a pair of jeans or trousers along with a button-down shirt and a jacket or a blazer.

Kids – Pack in layers for kids like warm t-shirts or vests with full-sleeve shirts and light jackets. Skirts and warm slacks or cargoes will also do. Do carry a heavy and a lightweight jacket.

Footwear – It is best to opt for closed-toe shoes like sneakers or the common tennis shoes. Ladies can also opt for flat ballets or espadrilles. Loafers can also be packed.

Accessories – A bag and a long scarf are absolutely essential here. Pack your sunscreen and sunglasses for the sunshine and the glare. A raincoat is also not to be forgotten.