What To Wear In Amsterdam In February

Posted on Jan 3 2014 - 6:13am by Tyler Coleman

The city of Amsterdam is one of the most well known within the Netherlands. This city has many large Dutch companies and institutions within its borders. Amsterdam also has the oldest stock exchange in the world. For those interested in visiting Amsterdam in February its vitally important that you prepare for the trip. The worst thing that you can do is visit a foreign country with the wrong type of clothes for the climate. The wrong clothes can lead to an incredibly unsatisfying trip.

What To Wear In Amsterdam In February

Weather of Amsterdam in February

February is the coldest time of the year to come visit Amsterdam. Fortunately, February is also one of the driest periods in the year. During February the average rainfall in Amsterdam is around 2 inches. During the month of February the average highs are around 6 degrees Celsius and the lows are around 0.5 degrees Celsius. This extreme weather change can be extremely hard on a person’s body. What to wear in Amsterdam in February, includes: heavy coats and plenty of layers to keep you warm. The following choices are the best options for your trip to Amsterdam:

What to Wear and How to Pack for Amsterdam in February ?

Women: Women should invest in heavy fur coats to keep warm in the harsh cool environment. Some of the best fur coat options include: mink, chinchilla and fox. Women should also invest in sweatpants and sweatshirts for the day time. Another great option for women is to invest in woolen sweaters for daily activities. Women’s bottoms should include heavy denims and dark washed jeans. These types of bottoms will help insulate heat and keep a woman warm in the cold. At night a woman can wear a nice dress to a social occasion. However, a woman should bring a nice heavy overcoat with them.

Men: Men should also invest in woolen coats that will help keep them warm. Woolen coats make great options for men and can be worn with any type of clothing. Men can wear these woolen coats on top of their sweaters, pullovers and cardigan options. Also long sleeve shirts can provide men with great comfort for day time activities. At night a man should invest in a trench coat or a heavy jacket for the harsh night time temperatures. Like women, men should make use of layers of clothing.

Kids: Kids visiting Amsterdam in February should dress in layers. The best thing undergarments for children to wear is thermal pants and tops. These thermals are designed to help trap warmth inside of a child’s clothes. On top of thermal clothes, children should opt for long sleeve shirts and jeans or denim pants. These types of pants will help insulate a child’s body heat while out in the harsh cold of Amsterdam. Finally on top of a long sleeved top, a child should have a heavy overcoat. Aside from the overcoat a child should also have a leather jacket for the night time.

Footwear: The best types of footwear to bring to Amsterdam in February are boots. Some of the best boots are designed for the snow. These snow boots will enable you to keep your feet warm even in the coldest weather. Heels can be worn so long as they are closed toed(to keep your feet warm).

Accessories: Some of the best accessories for you to bring to a trip includes: gloves, earmuffs and scarves. Gloves will help your hands warm while you are out in the cold. Leather gloves are some of the best options for a family visiting Amsterdam.

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