What to Wear in Amsterdam in December

Posted on Oct 10 2013 - 12:03pm by Tyler Coleman

Amsterdam in December is just about perfect as the city gears up to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve. You can find an impressive Christmas tree in Dam Square and various Christmas markets are held throughout the month. There are endless parties for the New Year’s Eve too. If you wish to enjoy the nightlife, try Wynand Fockkink near Dam Square which has an excellent drink selection and pleasant atmosphere. To make the best of your trip, you should be packed aptly and knowing what to wear in Amsterdam in December will definitely help you.

What to Wear in Amsterdam in December

Weather of Amsterdam in December

December in Amsterdam, unlike November, isn’t that wet but it is quite changeable, yet mild and breezy. Sometimes the easterly and northerly winds bring spells of cold and snowy weather but they are transient due to the warm North Sea lying in close proximity of Amsterdam. Average daily temperatures rise to 7 degrees Celsius during the day and fall to an average of 2 degrees overnight. Precipitation is still high with over 18 days of rain. December is also the dullest month of the year due to limited hours of sunshine (2 hours daily on an average).

What to Wear and How to Pack for Amsterdam in December?

Most of the places here are pretty casual, so you can wear anything you wish except anything too loud or sloppy. Also it will be very cold, so appropriate clothes will be required. Here are some suggestions:

Women – You never know how the weather is going to turn out, so the best way would be to go for layers so that you can easily peel them off. Start with a warm full-sleeve blouse or t-shirt and jeans or warm slacks and then layer it with a light jacket or a sweater and then put on a coat. You can also add a scarf to your outfit. Remember to pack all the warm stuff along with a waterproof jacket and a windbreaker.

Men – Jeans and shirts are acceptable almost everywhere but you need to decide the thickness and warmth of clothes you wish to pack. You can go for full-sleeve shirts and warm t-shirts along with jeans or trousers and then layer up with a lightweight sweater or a heavy jacket and in case it is still cold, wear a coat over it or a chesterfield jacket will also look good. Do carry a windbreaker or trench coat, too.

Kids – Pack in layers for the kids, starting with warm t-shirts and shirts. Warm slacks and leggings can also be kept instead of denims as the latter take lot of time to dry. You can pack lightweight sweaters and cardigans along with heavy jackets and coats.

Footwear – Go for closed-toe shoes like boots or ankle booties. Ugg boots can also be kept or you can go for trainers and sneakers with woolen socks.

Accessories – A scarf and a hat that cover your ears and neck would be needed. You can also pack woolen or knitted gloves along with hats.

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