What to Pack for Mediterranean Cruise in September

Posted on May 5 2014 - 8:17am by Tyler Coleman
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There are a variety of different cruises that a person can take during the month of September. One of the best options for a September cruise would be to visit the Mediterranean. The Mediterranean offers some incredibly sights, locations and things to do. Before buying your ticket for a Mediterranean cruise, it is important that you learn a little bit about the area. Two things that you should take into consideration would be the climate and temperature of the Mediterranean. This will be a major determining factor as to what you will be wearing.

What to Pack for Mediterranean Cruise in September

Temperatures and Climate Mediterranean

The Mediterranean is known for its subtropical climate noted by its dry and hot temperature. This climate will be incredibly warm year round with the occasional thunderstorm. Rainfall and precipitation is not typical during the fall months. During the fall seasons you will be able to wear summer time clothing with some warmer alternatives for the evening. The average highs of the Mediterranean is about 28 degrees Celsius with lows of about 18 degrees Celsius. You can expect warm days that will be abruptly followed by very cool evenings.

What Women Should Wear

Women should bring a large variety of different clothes on this Mediterranean cruise. One of the staples of your luggage should be a few options of light jackets. Though it does not rain heavily during the fall, it is always good to be prepared. Besides the light jackets a woman should bring summer dresses and short sleeve shirts with jeans. These two options can be used interchangeably during the trip. The best jeans for a woman to wear would be a nice pair of ripped jeans. These types of jeans are designed to be ripped and torn to offer a different style as well as comfort during the warmer months.

What Men Should Wear

Men should bring comfortable clothing that will keep you cool during in the heat of the Mediterranean climate. A man should bring a few changes of shorts including: cargos, jeans and denim options. These shorts can be worn with a variety of tops including: V neck and crew necks t shirts. Tennis shoes are a great option for men to wear while on the Mediterranean cruise. Jeans can be worn but it they should be boot cut or even slim jeans. Khakis can be worn in place of jeans for a different look.

What Kids Should Wear

Kids have about as many options as women and men do and they should all be brought along with them on a trip. Kids should bring a light jacket as well as a few changes of shorts. These shorts can be swapped out for capri pants. Capri pants offer a unique style of shorts that combine the look and feel of jeans. These options can be matched with polo shirts and short sleeve dress shirts. Kids should bring tennis shoes, sandals and runners. These options can help you remain comfortable while walking around the Mediterranean.

Accessories to Bring with You

A great accessory for you to bring with you would be some good sunscreen. Sunscreen comes in a variety of pH balances that are perfect for just about anyone. Sunscreen is perfect for keeping you from burning up in the tropical heat of Mediterranean. Along with the sunscreen you will want to bring an umbrella just in case, you experience a thunderstorm or severe rainfall. Though this is very unlikely it would be a very good idea to bring one with you. The last thing you will want bring would be a nice hat or su