What to Pack for Mediterranean Cruise in October

Posted on May 5 2014 - 8:08am by Tyler Coleman
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Packing for a cruise to the Mediterranean requires some thought into what you will be doing and seeing while you are on the trip. The Mediterranean has a very interesting climate that changes very dramatically especially during the winter time. The best way to pack for this trip is to bring a wide range of clothes. You should bring summer clothes, winter clothes and plenty of sunscreen for any water activities you plan on engaging in. By following this guide you will have a basic template on how to pack for this trip.

What to Pack for Mediterranean Cruise in October

The Temperature and Climate

The temperature of the Mediterranean changes from the day to the evening. It is important to understand that the Mediterranean is a subtropical climate that is similar to that of an island. Though there is not much rainfall during the fall/winter months, you can expect some scattered showers on occasion. The average temperature of the Mediterranean during October is typically about 0 degrees Celsius. The average highs are around 10 degrees Celsius with lows at nearly -15 degrees Celsius. With these cold temperatures comes some strong, swift winds during the night time.

What Women Should Pack

Women should pack an assortment of winter type clothing. These types of clothing should be made from heavy materials such as denims, wools and furs. A great option for a woman would be a nice pullover hoodie with a pair of dark washed jeans. Skinny sequenced jeans seem to be the newest trend for women’s fashion. This style allows you to be casual and trendy without having to add too many layers of clothing. The hoodie pullover is perfect for the cold weather that you may experience will in the Mediterranean. Add a pair of nice boots and your outfit will be complete.

What Men Should Pack

Men should pack winter clothing as well. One of the best options for a man who wants to be stylish yet comfortable would be a nice zip cardigan. Instead of the traditional button up cardigans, this sweater makes use of zipper than can be worn with a button up shirt underneath. Add a nice pair of comfortable jeans or slacks to make this outfit complete. A man should never leave home without at least two pairs of sneakers as well as two pairs of dress shoes. Both of these shoe options can be worn with both dress clothes as well as casual clothing.

What Kids Should Pack

Kids should be bundled up with layers of clothing on. A great option for children will be a long sleeve shirt with a nice jacket and a hoodie. The jacket is perfect for keeping the little ones warm and dry in case of any rainfall. Another great option for children is a simple sweatsuit option(preferably dark colored). A sweatsuit typically comes with a hood that will keep the little ones warm and the head dry. A nice pair of tennis shoes is perfect for children, as it keeps them comfortable in any weather condition.

Best Accessories to Bring with You

Some great accessories to have with you would include a nice pair of glasses, a nice hat, gloves and scarf. The scarf is one of the best accessories for you to bring with you as it offers you a stylish addition to any outfit. Scarfs can be made from a variety of different materials including: cashmere, cotton and wool. Along with Scarfs you should bring a nice pair of gloves that are made from some heavier materials. Gloves are incredibly effective for keeping you warm and your hands dry during those rainy days. Hats and glasses(shades) both allow you to keep your eyes shaded from the rays of the sun.