What to Pack For Kenya Safari

Posted on Jan 7 2019 - 5:41am by Tyler Coleman
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When it comes to traveling to Kenya for a Safari trip there are a few things to consider. The first thing to consider is the time of year you are going to go. For a Safari trip it has been advised that you should go either during the summer time or during the spring. If you do decide to go during the spring or the summer time you will need to pack correctly for this trip. Failure to correctly pack for a trip to the Safari could lead you to have a less than pleasant time.

What to Pack For Kenya Safari

Weather and Climate

Before packing you will want to get familiar with the climate and temperature of Kenya. The climate will help you determine which clothes are appropriate for your trip. Typically Kenya experience rather warm and sunny temperatures all year. From March to August the average temperature range is about 23 degrees celsius. The average lows from March to August is about 12 degrees celsius. The climate of this area is a tropical/desert type. This climate is characterized by an incredibly warm summer months and cool, dry winters. Keeping this in mind will help you better pack for your trip.


Women will want to bring cool, comfortable clothing for their trips to Kenya. One of the best options would be a few different changes of shorts. Shorts should be made from jean materials so they are easier to breathe in. Also, some comfortable athletic shorts make a great options as well. These options of shorts go great with women’s tank tops and v neck shirts. Both of these options work well to keep you cool in the Kenyan sun. During the evening time it would be good to have a few options of jeans and possible some long sleeve shirts for cooler temperatures.


Men will want to dress in comfortable clothing as well. Shorts are a must and should be made from cotton or synthetic materials. Men should stay away from denim shorts as these are very heavy fabrics that can cause you to sweat in the sun. A great option for men would be a nice tank top t shirt or a crew neck shirt. These options are incredibly easy to walk around in and can help keep you cool. During the evening time a simple light jacket will suffice along with a nice pair of loose fitting jeans.


The summer and spring heat of Kenya can be very hazardous to young children. It is important that they are kept cool during this times to ensure that they do not pass out or keep from being dehydrated. The best options for young children would be athletic shorts and loose, comfortable tops. Boys can wear simple T shirts and girls could wear a nice pair of capri pants. These options will ensure that they are comfortable in the Kenyan heat.

Accessories To Bring

There are a number of accessories that you should bring on a Safari trip in Kenya. One of the first things to bring would be some extremely comfortable hiking boots. Safari trips take you over a large number of different terrains. This can be problematic for those who wear the wrong shoes. You will also want to buy an Safari hat to keep you cool in the heat of Kenya. Finally, some bug spray and Sunscreen should be brought along. The sun can cause sunburns that are very uncomfortable. Also, along your excursion of the Safari there are a number of bugs that you can possibly come in contact with. You will want to be ready with bug spray.