What to Pack for Cruise to Bahamas

Posted on May 5 2014 - 7:54am by Tyler Coleman
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When it comes to finding a great location to visit for vacation, the Bahamas are the perfect choice. The Bahamas offers you a great vacation spot that is packed with different events, venues and hot spots for you to check out. Many people visit the Bahamas during all four seasons of the year because the temperature stays fairly the same. When deciding what to pack for a cruise to the Bahamas it is important that you take the climate into consideration. The weather and climate of this location will help you determine what clothes would be best to bring.

What to Pack for Cruise to Bahamas

What to Pack: Cruise to Bahamas

Traveling to the Bahamas is all about preparation, more specifically preparing the proper clothes and accessories to wear. Taking the time to figure out which clothes to bring on your trip to the Bahamas can save you a lot of time, energy and stress when on the vacation. One of the first things to consider is the climate of the Bahamas. The climate is typically considered to be a subtropical humid climate, known for its dry winters and wet, summers. The average highs of the Bahamas is around 28 degrees Celsius with averages lows of about 22 degrees Celsius.

Women: Cruise to Bahamas

Women should bring light comfortable clothing options on a cruise to the Bahamas. Even during the winter and autumn months, the Bahamas will typically be warmer than the rest of the world. Many women will find it will be easily too simply bring a few changes of shorts, a nice bikini, different types of jeans with shirts to match. The feel of the Bahamas is very casual and laid back, so you can wear just about anything that you look. A great outfit options for walking around the Bahamas would be a nice pair of capri pants with a nice tunic top.

Men: Cruise to Bahamas

Men should wear a nice pair of shorts with a nice V neck that is typically a lighter color. It would be best to stay away from darker colors as they will attract a lot of heat. A nice pair of shorts include: cameo shorts and plaid shorts. These shorts are great options as they go great with a variety of different shirt options. A short sleeved henley as well as a crew neck shirt will go great together.

Kids: Cruise to Bahamas

Kids will want to dress similarly to the adults as it is very important that they were loose fitting clothes as well as lighter colors. Boys can wear shorts similar to their fathers, and girls can wear capris similar to their mothers. Kids should have a wide variety of different types of shirts including: V necks and crew neck T shirts. Girls can wear bermuda pants as this works incredibly well with short sleeve shirts. Girls can also wear skirts as these may be more comfortable and allow young girls to stay comfortable in the heat of the Bahamas.

Shoes: Cruise to Bahamas

The best types of shoes to bring on a trip to the Bahamas would be a nice pair of tennis shoes, sandals and dress shoes. Tennis shoes are universal and work well with just about any outfit from casual to trendy. These shoes also offer you feet support when walking around the Bahamas. Sandals are perfect for walking around the beach and keeping your feet cool. These can be worn with or without socks. Finally, dress shoes are great for going out at night and should be brought for clubbing or going out to bars.