What to Pack For Cruise to Alaska

Posted on Mar 7 2019 - 5:33am by Tyler Coleman
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One of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States is Alaska. Alaska is home to some of the most beautiful landscape and breathtaking views of the wilderness. There are a variety of things to do, see and explore while in Alaska. Alaska has a lot to offer and is a great option for those looking for a cruise destination. For those thinking of going on a trip to Alaska, there are some things you will need to pack before leaving. Your clothes will need to be carefully picked out in order for you to have an enjoyable trip to Alaska.

What to Pack For Cruise to Alaska

Temperature and Climate of Alaska

Two factors that will affect how you dress on your cruise to Alaska is the temperature and the climate. The climate of Alaska is subarctic characterized by very cold, snowy winters and wet summers. The chance of rainfall is particularly high during the winter months and snowfall is just as frequent. The average high temperature of Alaska is around 18 degrees Celsius with average lows of about 5 degrees Celsius. Keep in mind that the temperature difference between day and night can be quite astounding. You will want to bring warm clothes with you for the evening time.

What Women Should Wear

Women should pack by bringing a large assortment of options. During the daytime a nice pair of jeans and a long sleeve sweater would be the optimal choice for a woman. This sweater should be made from a wool or heavy fabric in case of rainfall or unexpected winds. Another option would be a nice leather jacket that can be worn in the day or the night time. The leather coat works well with denim pants and a simple T shirt underneath it. At night a heavy coat is a must have especially if the winds are high. A jacket with a hoodie should be brought along as well in case of the rain.

What Men Should Wear

Men should bring comfortable clothing that is made from cotton for the day time. A nice cotton V neck sweater with a pair of nice chinos is a very trendy look for men. This option is perfect with tennis shoes. Another great option would be a sweatsuit and a pair of runners for walking around the Alaska landscape. Make sure that the sweatsuit has a hoodie with it in case of rainfall. During the evening men should wear denim pants or jeans with all their outfits. These two options will help keep you warm in the blistering cold. A nice cardigan with a bomber jacket on top is a trendy looking outfit that is perfect for men.

What Kids Should Wear

Kids will be the most susceptible to the rainfall and the cold of Alaska. One of the best options for you to dress your kids in is a nice woolen jacket with a thermal shirt underneath it. This will help keep the little ones warm during the day and night. For girls a skirt can be worn as long as some leggings are worn with them. For boys jeans and chinos are the two best options for them to wear at all times. Woolen jackets and overcoats should be brought along anywhere they go, in case of a unexpected windy day or rainfall.

Accessories:- What to Bring

The two best accessories to bring would be an umbrella and some nice gloves for this trip to Alaska. Alaska’s weather can change rather abruptly from cool to extremely cold, both of these options are great for rainfall and windy weather.