What to Pack for Belize

Posted on Mar 19 2014 - 7:44am by Tyler Coleman
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Belize is an awesome vacation spot for those that have never traveled to Central America. Known for its beautiful beaches, exotic locations and awesome array of food, Belize is an awesome place to visit. When it comes to packing for a trip to Belize there are a few things to consider before getting your passport and taking off. The first thing to consider is what season do you plan on traveling to Belize in. You should understand that winters and summers are different here and also offer you different sights to see. Finally consider the things that you may be interested in seeing and activities you want to participate in.

What to Pack for Belize

What to Pack for Belize in Winter

Winter time can be rather chilly in Belize with very low temperatures and rainy days. If you are planning on traveling to Belize in the winter time then it is advised that you dress warmly. An important item to bring on this trip would be an overcoat. Overcoat provide you with an stylish, but comfortable layer of clothing. Overcoats go great with formal wear especially for night time excursions. For women a nice over coat with a pair of denim jeans works well. These denims jeans can be matched with a long sleeve top and a nice pair of flat shoes for comfort. During the day time a woman can substitute the overcoat for a nice heavy sweater.

Men should opt for an overcoat or a nice leather jacket when traveling to Belize in the winter. The leather jacket look is a very stylish look that transcends time. Leather jackets give men that “bad boy” look that goes great with a nice pair of jeans and T shirt. This leather jacket can be easily paired with a nice pair of leather boots or dress shoes for going to a club or bar at night. Also, the leather jacket can be worn open with a button up shirt underneath it that will give your look a splash of sophistication. For children it is important that they are bundle up in the Belize winter. Belize has  snowy and rainy days which can wreak havoc on your young children’s health. Make sure that your youngsters are dressed in layers.

What to Pack For Belize in Fall

During the Fall temperature are just beginning to fall, but is not quite cold yet. Fall is a very interesting time to visit Belize with all of the festivals and sights to see. Since the temperature in fall is beginning to cool down, it is important to dress appropriately for the weather. For women it would be appropriate for you to bring a few changes of light jackets to wear at night. Along with the jackets you will also want to bring an umbrella and a pair of gloves. These accessories are important especially during the days when it rains hard. Jeans, leggings and dresses would be the best three options for women. These can be mixed and matched with a variety of different sweaters, vest and dress shirts.

Men have a variety of options available to them. One great option for men would be a nice pair of slacks and a nice v neck sweater. This sweater can go great with a nice pair of dress shoes and fedora. A sweater vest is another great option that can be worn underneath a dress shirt with a pair of jeans and tennis shoes. Another great option would be a nice blazer with a V neck T shirt and a nice pair of dark washed jeans. This is great for going out at night to social clubs and other events. The best pair of shoes for men to wear to Belize would be dress boots as they not only offer style but comfort. For children a nice pair of pants and long sleeve shirts will be the perfect choices for young children. For girls a nice pair of leggings can be worn underneath a denim shirt with a denim vest and long sleeve sweater. For boys a simple pair of chinos with a nice button down shirt is perfect for going out in the daytime. Keep in mind that a light jacket should be worn with every outfit.

What to Pack for Belize in Spring

During the Spring time the temperature is becoming incredibly comfortable. There is more hours of sunlight and it the weather is rather calm. Belize in Spring is very beautiful and is known as the tourist season, where thousands of visitors come to visit. If you plan on visiting Belize in the spring you should be well prepared for the weather. For women a nice pair of capri pants works incredibly well with a nice comfortable top. A simple T shirt or v neck shirt works well with capri pants and a nice pair of sandals. Many women will prefer open toed sandals in the warm, spring weather of Belize. During the evening women can wear a variety of different dresses both short as well as long. An elegant black dress with a nice thigh length slit works wonders for going out to a social spot. For a more flirty look a woman can wear a skirt and a tube top, for going to a club or festival.

Men should bring a variety of different shorts and short sleeve shirts on their trip to Belize in Spring. Men should opt for V neck T shirts and cargo shorts as this is incredibly trendy and comfortable. Men have the option of wearing sandals with or without socks on. Cargo pants come in a variety of different colors including: blue, black and tan. For a more trendy look a man can switch the V neck out for a nice short sleeve shirt. During the day time a man can wear tennis shoes if they plan on doing a lot of sightseeing and walking. During the evening time a man should wear slacks or dark washed jeans with a nice dark colored V neck. This is perfect for simply going to an club or afterhours location. Men should make sure that they bring dress shoes or loafers for going out at night.

Packing For Trip to Belize in Summer

Packing for a trip to Belize in the Summer time is fairly similar to packing for the Spring. The only difference would be that you will probably not need a jacket for the day or evening time. A great outfit option for women would be a nice pair of short shorts and a tank top. This will help keep you cool while you are out on the beach. During the evening time a nice pair of capri pants and simple T shirt will suffice.

For men a nice tank top and shorts is great for going to the beach. A nice accessories for men, women and children would be a nice pair of shades for the sun. Men could also wear a button down casual shirt with the sleeves rolled up. This will add a trendy look to this casual style. During the evening time the shorts can be replaced with a nice pair of jeans or chinos for going out.