What to Pack for Alaska Cruise in September

Posted on May 5 2014 - 7:04am by Tyler Coleman
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A cruise to Alaska is an incredibly wonderful experience filled with tons of sights and sounds to witness. Alaska is well known for its beautiful lakes, ponds and dozens of resorts that cater to a variety of activities. For those interested in going on an Alaskan cruise the month of September may be just as good of a time as any. However, the trick to enjoying this cruise will be properly packing for it. The trick to packing for an Alaskan cruise is to get familiar with the climate and temperature of this region. Failure to pack for this trip correctly, can lead to a very miserable trip to Alaska.

What to Pack for Alaska Cruise in September

The Climate and Temperature

The first thing to consider is climate and temperature when packing for a trip. The temperature in Alaska is typically cold during the majority of the year. There are on three months of the year where the temperature in Alaska peaks at around 21 degrees Celsius. The average high temperatures of Alaska in September is around -3 degrees Celsius. The average low temperature of Alaska in September is typically around – 15 degrees Celsius with low winds.

What Women Should Wear

Women will need to bring a large variety of long sleeve sweaters and denim pants on a trip to Alaska in September. The freezing cold of the surrounding ocean and winds will make the trip feel even colder. A great outfit option for women would be a nice long sleeve cardigan sweater with a pair of dark washed denim jeans. This outfit can be completed with a nice pair of ugg boots to keep your feet warm in the fall cold. Along with the sweater it is advised that a woman bring a warm overcoat with her. The overcoat should be worn anytime you are going outside.

What Men Should Wear

Men should wear clothing that is made from heavy materials such as wools and furs. A great example of an outfit for men to bring with them would be a simple denim outfit. These denim outfits typically consist of a denim jacket with denim pants. This option can be customized with a nice thermal shirt underneath it and a nice pair of boots. What’s best about denim outfits is they are typically made with darker colors allowing the outfit to attract as much heat as possible. The denim jacket can be swapped out for a nice woolen v neck sweater to change the look of the outfit.

What Kids Should Wear

Kids should be bundled up at all times while in the Alaskan cold. With temperatures dropping below 0 degrees Celsius, this environment can cause younger children to become ill. One great option for kids is thermal underwear underneath their clothes. A great option for young boy would be a nice pullover with jeans and tennis shoes. Pullovers should be made from polyester and waterproof materials. Waterproof clothing would be perfect for those rainy days in Alaska.

Accessories to Bring

Some of the best accessories to bring with you include a nice tundra hat. A tundra hat is perfect for those going on this cruise during September. The tundra hat is a unique hat that not only covers your head, but also both of your ears. These ear warmers will help keep your head warm while you are in this incredibly cold weather. Another great option for you would be a nice pair of leather or woolen gloves. These gloves are perfect for keeping your hands warm while you are on this cruise. Leather gloves work well during the evening and go perfectly with dress clothes and evening wear.