What to Pack for Alaska Cruise in August

Posted on Aug 7 2019 - 5:24am by Tyler Coleman
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For a trip to Alaska in August it is important to know a little bit about the area, the climate as well as the average temperatures. Alaska is well known for its extremely cold and chilly climates as well as its rustic, countrysides. When traveling to Alaska in August you should understand that the temperatures are increasing and packing for this trip may be a bit different than you would expect. This trip should be carefully planned out as it is incredibly easy for you to bring too many or too few clothes for this trip. Also you will want to bring some accessories with you to make this trip one of a kind.

What to Pack for Alaska Cruise in August

Temperature/Climate of Alaska in August

The climate of Alaska is both an ocean as well as a subarctic one. This is characterized by extremely cold winters and autumns, with plenty of snowfall and winds. During the summer times the climate is rather cool and windy, with some rainfall during the summer months. The average temperature of Alaska in August is around 19 degrees Celsius with average lows of 9 degrees Celsius during the evening time. The temperature can fall rather dramatically between day and night time so it is important to be prepared for that.


Women should bring a wide range of clothes for this trip to Alaska in August. The first types of clothing that women should bring should be daytime clothes. These daytime clothes should consist of warm, but comfortable clothing with a few layers. A nice jacket with a hoodie would be perfect with a nice pair of comfortable jeans and tennis shoes. This hoodie is important to have in case of high winds or unexpected showers. During the evening you should bring clothes that are warm and can be worn under layers. A example would be a nice cardigan with a button up shirt underneath it. This outfit should be worn with a nice pair of denim pants and a overcoat.


Men will want to bring a nice pair of long sleeve sweaters for this trip. These sweater can be worn during the morning and during the evening time. The best option during the morning would be with a pair of nice long jean shorts. This is both comfortable as well as stylish and can be worn to just about any location. Another option would be a long sleeve shirt with a nice leather bomber jacket over it and a pair of jeans. This outfit is perfect for those cold windy days. At night a man will want to bundle up underneath heavy fabrics such as wool. A nice trench coat and a button up shirt works well with a pair of denim pants or slacks. Match these options up with a pair of tennis shoes or dress shoes and you will be just fine for the evening.


Packing for the kids is a bit of a challenge as you will need to keep them warm throughout the day. Though the temperatures in the afternoon can be rather cool, there is always the possibility of rainfall and windy days. A nice sweatsuit option is perfect for those kids looking to play in the outdoors of Alaska. Sweatsuits are incredibly comfortable casual and can be worn with tennis shoes to play in. At night these sweatsuits can be worn with jackets with hoodies on them for extra protection from the cold. Thermal underwear can be worn underneath their clothes for warmth during the evening.