What to Pack for a River cruise in Europe

Posted on Apr 7 2019 - 5:29am by Tyler Coleman
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The rivers in Europe are incredibly beautiful and offer visitors an experience of a lifetime. Many travelers choose to take river cruises in Europe for the sights, sounds, foods and nightlife that is available. For those considering going on a River Cruise in Europe there are a few things to consider before leaving. One of the first things to think about is what activities you would like to engage in while here. The second thing to think about is what types of clothes you will need to bring on a trip like this. Packing for a river cruise in Europe is incredibly easy to do and only require a few tips to remember.

What to Pack for a River cruise in Europe

Temperature/Climate of Europe

The are traditionally two different climates in Europe. The first climate is a more maritime climate and the second is more of a mediterranean climate. Most river tours are around the Mediterranean so this climate would be the most appropriate to dress for. Mediterranean climate is characterized by dry summers and wet winters. The temperature of Europe is changes dramatically during the seasons. During the Spring/Summer time the average temperature hovers around 13 degrees Celsius.

What Women Should Wear

Women should bring a variety of summer time clothing that consist of loose fitting, comfortable clothes. A nice white V neck and a pair of jean shorts is perfect for a trip around the rivers in Europe. This style is completely laid back and very casual offering you the best of both worlds. This outfit can be worn with both tennis shoes as well as sandals. During the evening time a nice pair of dark washed capris and a button up plaid shirt are very trendy options for doing some exploring around the towns.

What Men Should Wear

Men should consider bring a few changes of shorts on a trip to Europe. These river cruise typically will stop by local towns where you can do sightseeing. Shorts are perfect for this trip as they are comfortable as well as universal. These shorts can be matched up with a nice short sleeve button up shirting for going out at night or a v neck for the day time. The best pair of shorts would be cargo shorts as they come in a variety of different colors and match up well with any outfit. Tennis shoes and sandals are perfect options with these clothes.

What Kids Should Wear

Similar to the adults children will want to remain comfortable and cool during the day. At night they will want to be trendy/casual with a bit of warmth during chilly nights. A nice pair of plaid shorts or capris for girls is perfect for walking around the European coast. Also, a nice pair of long sleeve shirts is perfect for going out in the evening time. Many kids will want to do some running around, so it is important to bring some comfortable runners for them to wear.

Accessories:- What to Bring

On your trip to Europe unexpected winds and rainfall is always a possibility even during the summer/spring months of the year. The best thing to bring with you would be a nice umbrella or a hat. Both of these options can help you keep cool in the sun or stay warm in the rainfall. Umbrella can be purchased in Europe but they typically will be much more costly than in the US. Another great option would be a nice scarf during the evening time. Scarves are very stylish accessories that can be worn by men, women and children for keeping warm during the evening.