Best Things to Do In New York City

Posted on Feb 1 2014 - 4:10am by Tyler Coleman
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New York City is a global paradise filled with diverse cultures and there is never a shortage of things to do in this city. A few weeks before you fly out to the city you need to purchase a guidebook so you can find out which places are the best to hang out when you arrive in the city and if you have relatives who live there, call and ask them for suggestions on activities for you and your family. New York City consists of five boroughs and each borough has its’ own flavor and places for relaxation and fun. Beginning in the 1990s the city underwent a major transformation and this reduced the widespread crime and other economic problems there so now the city is generally safe.

Best Things to Do in New York City When It Rains

Best Things to Do In New York City

One of the best things to do in New York City when it rains is to visit some of the nice museums in the city. The good thing about the museums is that on certain days the museums offer free admission or discounts and this makes for inexpensive fun on a rainy day. Some good museums to check out include the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Children’s Museum of Art, and the Museum of Jewish Heritage.

At nighttime you can hang out at the nightclubs or eat out at one of the city’s many trendy restaurants. During the day the New York Public Library is a great place to take the kids. If you love theater check out a Broadway show if it is raining on a certain day.

Things to Do in New York City By Yourself

 Central Park

If it is a sunny day and you are traveling to New York City by yourself, you can rent a bike and go for a ride in Central Park or just down different streets in the boroughs you are staying in. Another inexpensive idea for solo travel in the city is to go on subway rides because this gives you a more local view of what goes on in the city on a daily basis and you can watch some of the oddities among the city residents. Window shopping is another nice way to hang out in the city by yourself and if you have spending cash, you can do real shopping. Another idea is to check out Greenwich Village and this section of the city was once a bohemian-influenced place for hipsters and those in the artsy crowd. You can check out the coffeehouses, bars and antique stores there.

Things To Do in New York City in The Winter

New York City in The Winter 

A good idea is to visit the top of Rockefeller Plaza where you can go on a guided tour of the place and after doing this you can go skating outside the center in the skating rink with your family. If you have always admired Radio City Music Hall you can get a ticket to attend the hall’s several holiday events. The Bronx Zoo is also a neat place to take the kids during the winter and you can check out any local Christmas parades that take place during the holiday season. The museums are good places to check out in the winter and if you are a foodie, you should check out Restaurant Week in January. Another idea is to attend some fun events at Grand Central terminal.

Things to Do in New York City With A Toddler

New York City With A Toddler 

You can bring your toddler to Central Park where he can run around and you can teach him bike riding skills when you rent a bike for the day. Another idea is to visit a few children’s museums and some kid-friendly free community events in the city. The Bronx Zoo is another neat place to take your toddlers and you can check out some of the city’s restaurants since they offer kids’ meals at decent prices. FAO  Schwarz is a legendary toy store in the city and your toddler will love the variety of toys available for purchase. But it is more than just a toy store because you will find interactive games and fun exhibits that your toddler will like. The store also has a sweets shop where the family can enjoy delicacies. You can bring the toddlers to the New York City Fire Museum where the kids will learn about firefighting and how fires occur. Other ideas include baseball games, the New York Aquarium and the Empire State Building.

Things To Do in New York City During Thanksgiving

New York City During Thanksgiving 

There are more things to do in New York City during Thanksgiving besides checking out the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. If you do not have relatives who live in the city you can visit a restaurant since several restaurants offer Thanksgiving dinner on that day. Read different restaurant reviews to determine which one is the best for your tastes. Another idea is to go walking in Central Park or visit Madame Tusseaud’s Wax Museum. Most nightclubs are open on Thanksgiving night so you can attend some live concerts with your spouse for a romantic evening. Horse carriage rides are available for Thanksgiving Day and once the tour is finished you can visit the American Museum of Natural History.

Things to Do in New York City At Christmas

 The Rockefeller Center Ice Rink

The Rockefeller Center Ice Rink is a popular Christmas pastime for locals and tourists and your kids will enjoy the sights of all the holiday lights on the center’s Christmas tree as they skate in the rink.  Radio City Music Hall has plenty of holiday shows and these tickets go on sale in September so you should purchase tickets ahead of time if you are interested. The Metropolitan Museum of Art has diverse exhibits during the holiday season and it has a large and beautiful Christmas tree with Italian baroque decorations on it. Another idea is to bring your child to Macy’s where he can take a picture with Santa Claus. You can also check out the window displays at the city’s department stores if it is a nice day outside.

Activities in New York for All Year Round

  Statue of Liberty

New York City is a shopper’s paradise but you do not have to shop at the big name department stores because the city has smaller and more affordable stores to buy cool things from. Start by shopping at the local farmers’ markets and then you can proceed to the antique shops and vintage clothing stores if you like retro clothes. There are also independent bookstores and music stores you can visit in the city.

The Staten Island ferry is great for visitors who love to travel on boats and while on the ferry you can see Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty and some of the city’s biggest skyscrapers. Another idea is to walk or ride a bike over the Brooklyn Bridge.

When you visit New York City you will find that there is always something exciting to do there and before you arrive you want to plan and decide on which activities you want to check out. Practice safety precautions while you are in the city and be aware of the nearest police stations and hospitals that are near your hotel should emergencies arise.