Things To Do in Claremorris

Posted on Mar 19 2014 - 5:31am by Tyler Coleman
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Claremorris is an awesome town to visit that is located in the heart of West Ireland. This location is known for its great tourist attractions, landscapes and tons of great local pubs. For those interested in visiting Claremorris there are few places that you should check out while you are in town. These locations represent all that Claremorris has become famous for during the last hundred years. What really sets Claremorris apart from many other tourist locations is that it is a great place to visit no matter what season it is.

Things To Do in Claremorris

To Do in Knock Museum

One place to visit in Claremorris would be the Knock Museum located in the heart of the town. This museum is focused upon the Knock Apparition, that occurred back in 1879. This significant event changed the Knock into an Shrine dedicated to prayer. Also this location become a hallowed ground that many people made pilgrimages to. This museum also documents the events that took place that day, including the fifteen people that witness the events. The visitors to the Knock Museum, can read through the original documents that were written by these witnesses. This offers you an interesting connection to Irish roots and the historical relevance of this extraordinary event.

To Do in Gilligan’s Bar

Ireland is known for its awesome array of pubs and bars. One of the best pubs in Claremorris is Gilligan’s Bar. This bar is located in middle of the Square and offers its patron a unique Irish pub experience. Known for its traditional pub atmosphere, Gilligan’s Bar has a whole host of great tasting spirits and brews. This pub is a local hotspot and is always packed full of people laughing and talking while enjoying the best in drink specials.

To Do in The Castlebar

If you are looking for a location that offers you a variety of different amenities than Castlebar is it. Located 20 minutes away from the heart of Claremorris, this venue offers you just about anything. There is a great bar/pub located there that has great drinks specials on your favorite beers, wines and spirits. Also, on Thursday night there is a quiz night that allows all the patrons of the bar to participate in a competition. You can bring outside food into this bar or pick from one of their many tasty dishes. Along with the great bar there are tons of televisions that are always tuned to sports!

To Do in Claremorris Golf Club

The Claremorris Golf Club offers you an incredible golfing experience with 18 holes of fun. Come test your golfing abilities at this incredibly large golf course. The Golf club offers weekly open competitions that are perfect for visitors looking for some friendly competition out on the green. This Golf club also offers trolleys, caddies and golf clubs for rental. There are also private golfing lessons and group golf training offered. This spacious Golf club offers you a modern restaurants complete with bar with and restaurant.

To Do in Fishing in Ireland

One great activity for the entire family would be fishing in Ireland. The country of Ireland has a variety of fishing spots that are perfect for families. Claremorris has some of the better known fishing locations in Ireland. What is so great about fishing in Claremorris is that there are an abundance of fishing stores in the area. For first time fishers there are plenty of fishing guides around that will teach your entire family how to catch fish. Many of these instructors will offer you rented fishing rods with plenty of bait and tackle to catch a fish.

To Do in Equestrian Centre

For those that are interested in doing some that involves animals and the outdoor, the Equestrian Centre in Claremorris is an great place to find adventure. The Equestrian centre offers your family an opportunity to interact with horse of all sizes. There is also a rider school, that caters to all experience levels of riders. This school will teach you the basics of riding as well as the lingo that goes along with it. There is also a horse jumping show that will thrill and amaze your entire family.

To Do in Mayo Abbey

Mayo Abbey is located in the heart of Claremorris and is a great example of what rural Ireland used to look like. This ancient capital has been maintained through the ages, offering people an unique look into the history of Ireland. Mayo Abbey is situated off the main road and onto the countryside giving this location an authentic feel. The area has a rich and long history including being the location of the Monastic sites founded by St. Coleman. What makes this area so unique is that it was founded for Saxon Monks.

To Do in Graune Pet Centre

Graune Pet Centre is an great place to visit for children visiting Claremorris. This pet centre allows your children to interact and pet the local animals at this venue. There are a variety of animals here that your kids can pet including: milk cows, horses, calves, racoons and sheep. There is also a tour guide available that will take your family around to the different animals and allow them to learn more about them. This venue also allows you to throw a interactive birthday party for your children.

To Do in Mayo Walks

Mayo Walks is an incredible option for those looking to do some sightseeing around the beauty and nature of Claremorris. Mayo Walks offers you a wide variety of  different walking trails for your enjoyment. The majority of Claremorris is unexplored territory that has a variety of different landscapes. This landscape includes: mountainsides, hills, island and urban landscapes. There are a variety of different trails that you can walk upon. These include: West Mayo, East Mayo, North Mayo, and Central Mayo. All of these walking trails offer you loop trails, and long trails.

To Do in Westport House and Adventuredome

A great location to visit while in Claremorris is Westport House. The Westport House is over 200 years old and stands as a testament to Ireland’s long history. This museum is open from Tuesday to Saturday opening from 10am and closing from 5pm. On Sunday it is open from 2pm to 5pm and closed on Mondays as well as Holidays. This National Museum is totally free and open to the public. The Cafe Museum is an awesome eatery that offers you an incredible spread of great tasting food. This cafe is open to the public and is open to big functions and weddings.

To Do in Greenway Cycling

For those that are interested in cycling the Greenway traffic is a great Claremorris cycling club. The Greenway traffic offers you over 42 kilometers of free road for your entire family to cycle on. This cycling route also acts as a walking route that is perfect for whichever activity you decide to participate in. This roadway used to be the Achill railway in 1937, however it was closed down due to slowing business. It was reopened as cycling track for those interested in the sport of biking.