Taipei in March: Unique Tourist Experience

Posted on Feb 16 2014 - 10:47am by Tyler Coleman
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One of the best cities to visit during the month of March is Taipei. This is one of the biggest cities within Taiwan as well as the capital of this country. This country is located next to different rivers and is near the Pacific Ocean. There is nearly 3 million people living in this city and is a very popular tourist attractions. This city is known for its cultural, technological and political regions. When coming to this city it is good idea to find out as much as you can about this region. There are tons of locations to visit when you come to Taipei so you will not be bored.

What to Wear in Taipei March

Taipei in March Weather

During the month of March, the city of Taipei experiences similar temperatures found during Spring months. Taipei is known as a tropical rainforest climate in terms of geological classification. When you come to Taipei in March, you should expect to experience a lot of rainfall. Taipei experiences about 8 inches of rainfall during the month of March. During March, it will typically rain about 15 days out of the month. The average highs of Taipei is 22 degrees Celsius and 16 degrees Celsius.

What to Wear in Taipei March

If you are planning on going to Taipei during the month of March, then it is important to dress correctly for this trip. The climate of this city is incredibly warm and damp making it hard to prepare for, so it is important to pack smart. One of the most common errors made by people traveling to Taipei, is to pack dozens of different clothes for the trip. In reality you do not have to pack 30 different outfits if you are planning on staying for a few days. By packing smart you will be able to eliminate bad clothing choices and focus more time on having fun.

Women: What to Wear

Women should bring a plethora of warm clothing that will help keep them dry during the month of March. Women should bring long sleeve shirts that are made from cottons, rayons and woolen materials. Along with long sleeve shirts you can bring a few different options for sweaters especially heavy ones. These will help keep you dry during this rainy seasons. Denim jeans are the best bottoms to wear when traveling to Taipei. Shorts should be avoided at all cost especially during the evening time.

During the evening time you should wear layers of clothing that will help warm. The best outfit that you should wear at the night would be a nice cardigan with black jeans and an overcoat. The overcoat will help add layers to the outfit as well as style while you are out and about. Since it will rain a lot during your trip to Taipei, you should also bring along a jacket that has a hoodie of some kind. A sweat suit would work wonders during the daytime or at night because of its heavy, warm materials.

Men: What to Wear

Men should make sure they have layers of clothing as well. One of the best ways to add layers to your outfits is to simply put on a jacket. The best jacket options are those made from denim and jean types. These jackets are created from heavy materials and are perfect for staying warm. With over 15 days of rainfall, you are very sure to run into some rainfall while you are here. Another great outfit option is a nice pullover sweater and a pair of dark wash jeans. These jeans can be skinny, fitted or loose depending on your personal preference. Shorts can be worn as well as they will offer your body an opportunity to cool down while in the swampy climate of Taipei.

Men should try to keep their dress and apparel within the limits of layers. This is especially true during the night time, when the temperature drops and rainfalls. At night it is important to wear long sleeves and pants, as opposed to shorts. A good outfit idea is a nice cardigan, with a nice pair of slacks. On top of the cardigan you can wear a nice overcoat or an heavy coat with a hood on the back of it.

Kids: What to Wear

Its is vitally important that young children dress in layers when visiting Taipei in March. The mixture of heavy rainfall, warm days and cool nights is a recipe for sickness, especially with kids. To prevent this it is a good idea to dress boys and girls, the same. Children should wear long sleeve T shirts and sweaters, during the day and night time. These sweater should be made from heavy materials, that is comfortable yet durable. One great example would be a nice cotton sweater with some dark washed jeans. Skirts for young girls would not be appropriate as the rainfall and cold night air may be overwhelming.

Footwear: What to Wear

Taipei presents an interesting challenge to visitors when it comes to bringing the proper footwear. You have to consider certain variables such as: the amount of rainfall, and the temperature changes in Taipei. The best type of footwear to bring on a trip to Taipei in March, would be a few good pairs of tennis shoes. Tennis shoes are rather durable and can be matched up with tons of different clothing. However, keeping them clean may be rather difficult so it is advised that you leave white shoes at home. Also during the evening times it is best not to wear dress shoes and opt out for boots. Women can wear heels, but it would be a good idea to leave the stilettos at home.

Accessories: What to Wear

The best accessories to bring to Taipei is an nice umbrella. Umbrellas are an invaluable accessory for this trip, as they will help keep you dry. Umbrellas also can be used during the daytime, when the sun begins to shine down on you. Along with umbrellas you should bring a hat, that can keep you head dry as well.

Visiting Taipei in March

When Taipei there are a variety of things to do. For those that are interested in seeing some of exotic animals and tons of great scenery, the Taipei Zoo is the perfect venue for you. This zoo offers you tons of animals to see in captivity. The largest zoo in Asia, has a large assortment of insects, mammals and amphibians. This huge zoo offers free tour guides that will show the best that this zoo has to offer.

Events in March in Taipei

One event that is great for a large family or a couple is the Youth Day that is held at the end of March. During this time Taipei children will gather to listen to stories of victory and accomplishment, in the hopes of encouraging them to push for more. The event takes place at the Martyr’s Shrine, which serves as the main location for the event. The President on the Republic of China will pay homage to the children and also to fallen heros of the past. This event is very powerful and is one that should not be missed.