Singapore in February: Great Destination For Travelers

Posted on Jan 20 2014 - 12:14pm by Tyler Coleman
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For anyone who considering visiting Singapore in February there are a wide variety of things to do. Singapore is found within Southeast Asia and is one of the world’s largest business hubs. Singapore also has an incredibly high income per resident. According to a 2005 statistic, Singapore is one of the top three highest earning capital income’s in the world. With a wide variety of different option attractions, events and festivals a trip to Singapore can be an incredibly fun one.

Singapore in February

Weather in Singapore in February

The weather in Singapore in February has an incredibly warm climate during this month. Singapore has been classified as a tropical rainforest climate. These types of climates have a warm to hot summers with wet and humid winters. The climate of Singapore in February can be incredibly humid and the moisture may be a bit overwhelming during the first few days of your visit. Singapore in February has an average high of 31 degrees Celsius and low of 24 degrees Celsius. There is also an average rainfall of about six inches.

What to wear and how to pack

When it comes to packing for your visit to Singapore in February it is important to bring the right type of clothes. The best types of outfits to bring on a trip is some very comfortable summer wear. For men it is a good idea to bring a few changes in V necks and cargo shorts. Jeans should be brought along as well in case that it rains. For women it is a great idea to bring a few different options for clothing options. Tube Tops, short sleeve shirts and sleeveless shirts. For women the best bottoms are cargo pants, skirts and jeans. For the children it is a great idea to bring a few changes of summer time clothes. Also it is a good idea to bring a light jacket for daytime or night time. As far as shoes are concerned it is a good idea to bring a nice pair of tennis shoes, dress shoes, and sandals. As far as accessories are concerned you may need to bring a nice pair of sunglasses with you.

Singapore February events

The Singapore airshow is incredibly fun event that is perfect for those visiting Singapore in February. This is one of the largest exhibitions of both defense and aeronautical innovations. During these two days you will be able to meet pilots and their aeronautic teams, that help them fly. Tickets range from $9 for kids to $22 for adults. This air show starts at 9 am to 5 pm. Also the Dating Fest is a one day event that brings together singles for a Valentine’s Day mingle.

Singapore Attractions in February

Food Playground is an awesome attraction to visit while you are in Singapore. Food Playground allows you to learn some of the best and traditional Singapore foods. You can even cook some of these traditional foods at this location. Even more importantly you will be able to meet the chefs and learn about their background as well as their unique personalities. After you finish creating your food, you can then go on to eat your creations.

Singapore February Holiday

Singapore only has one holiday that is it celebrates in February. The Chinese New Year in Singapore gives you an authentic look into this celebration. The celebration of the Chinese New Year in Singapore is celebrated from the 14 to 16.

Singapore February festival

The Chingay festival is one of the oldest and most respectable festivals in Singapore. This festival is apart of the Chinese New Year celebrations. You can expect to see a lot of fireworks, festive booths and plenty of foods.