San Francisco in March: A Great Place to Visit

Posted on Feb 16 2014 - 10:17am by Tyler Coleman

San Francisco is a very popular city, located on the northwestern part of the United States. The city of San Francisco is home to hundreds of different attractions, venues and one of a kind places to visit. This city attracts millions of visitors every year, especially during the Spring/Summer time. Since San Francisco is within the bay area of California, this is the perfect city to find some great seafood and unique cuisine. More importantly San Francisco has a variety of events happening during the month of March. Before heading to San Francisco it is important to know a few key factors about it.

What to wear in San Francisco in March

San Francisco in March Weather

San Francisco is incredibly warm during the month of March. Seeing as March is one of the very first Spring, months you can expect to experience a lot of California sunshine. Along with the sunshine is a cool breeze, that will continued throughout March. Though San Francisco is consider an rather warm location, you can still expect to experience some showers while. San Francisco during the month of March, experiences about 11 days of rainfall. The rainfall during March can be rather heavy having averages of about 3-4 inches. The average highs of San Francisco in March is around 17 degrees, while the average lows are about 9 degrees. Between the night time and daytime there is a bit of a temperature drop, so it is important to be prepared for that.

What to Wear in San Francisco during March

During the month of March, it is important to bring a few different changes of clothing. The weather in this city can shift rather dramatically and turn from warm and cool, to rainy and wet. Depending on how long you plan on staying in March, will obviously determine what types of clothing you bring. So it is important to understand exactly what you plan on doing while you are in San Francisco. What you will wear on any given day in San Francisco will be based off weather conditions of that day. In light of this it is important that you do not underpack clothing such as: T shirts and underwear.

Women: What to Wear

For women visiting San Francisco in March it is important to bring a variety of different clothing options. During the daytime it would be wise to bring a jacket, regardless of the weather forecast. A light jacket with a nice hood on the back should do rather well. For simply sightseeing and traveling around the city, a nice pair of comfortable shorts will always do the trick. These shorts should be made from a comfortable material such as cotton, as it will keep you cool. Also, stay away from wool as the hot and humid temperatures can cause you to sweat. Like most metropolis cities spread out amongst the United State, San Francisco is a rather casual city. So a simple T shirt, and a nice pair of jeans works incredibly well.

During the evening time it is important to bring a jacket(whether heavy or light). The temperature of San Francisco will drop rather severely and the chill factor(coming from the beach) will make it rather cold at night. Though you may want to go to a local nightclub you still want to bring along a nice leather jacket or trench coat. These overcoats make great options for any evening wear style including a nice evening dress. Also, many of the venues in San Francisco have a coat check so you never have to worry about your jacket. A nice pair of dark jeggings can go great with a tube top, or a beautiful short black dress.

Men: What to Wear

Men should opt for a variety of clothing options as well. The best outfits to bring are sweatsuits. These sweat suits are not only extremely comfortable, but typically come with a hoodie to keep your head warm and dry from the rain. Also, if the temperature gets a bit warm, you can always take your sweatshirt off and put on a nice V-neck or regular T shirt. Another great option is a nice pair of jeans and a comfortable dress shirt. Dress shirt’s sleeves can be rolled up, in case it gets a bit stuffy in San Francisco.

During the evening time a man should choose warm clothing and opt for layers. A great outfit idea for going out at night, is a nice dress shirt, with dress pants and a blazer. This is a very traditional look that will still offer you comfort and plenty of style. You can choose to wear the dress shirt with an button undone or with a nice tie to match. If you do not like blazers, you can always opt for a nice v neck sweater or a cardigan. The benefit of a cardigan is that it can be worn both unbuttoned or buttoned with a dress shirt underneath.

Kids: What to Wear

Kids can benefit from a variety of different clothing options, this is especially true for girls. Both boys and girls can wear cargo shorts, and graphic T-shirts during the daytime. Since San Francisco is so casual any restaurant, or venue will allow your kids in with these clothes. Also jeans a nice sweater can be a great option for those rainy or chilly days in San Francisco. For young girls a nice pair of capri pants can go great with just about any T-shirt top. During the evening time, a child can simply slip on a nice overcoat or heavy jacket to keep warm.

Footwear: What to Wear

When coming to a city like San Francisco during the month of March, you can never bring too many shoe options. The very best shoes to bring on this trip would be a few pairs of nice looking tennis shoes or runners. These shoes will be able to support your feet and keep you looking great while walking around the city. Next a nice pair of boots goes a long way, especially during the colder or rainy times. Boots can be a man or woman’s best friend and you will be happy you brought them along during those cold chilly nights. Finally evening shoes such as dress shoes for men and heels for women. It is advised that women wear closed toed heels as the evening weather can be rather cold, and there is nothing worst than cold feet.

Accessories: What to Wear

There are three great accessories to bring on your trip to San Francisco. The first one is definitely a nice umbrella. If you are traveling with children it is important that you bring one for them as well. Umbrellas are incredibly useful during the bright and sunny or the damp and rainy days. Forgetting your umbrella can make traveling to San Francisco in March, a very frustrating trip. Secondly a nice pair of gloves works well as both a fashion statement as well as comfort from the cold air. Finally you want to bring a nice hat or cap for your head. This will help keep your head cool during the day and warm during the night.

Visiting San Francisco in March

Though the weather conditions of San Francisco can be rather unpredictable, March is still the best time to visit this city. One great place to visit is St Francis Fountain. This restaurants takes you back to the olden days when ice cream was made from whole milk and you could taste some of the best soda around. This retro cafe offers you a unique and unforgettable experience that can only be found in San Francisco.

Events in San Francisco in March

During the month of March you can expect a lot of different events and shows happening in San Francisco. Bill Cosby will be performing stand up during this month, as well as James Taylor. You can expect to hear some great music coming from popular groups such as: Band of Horses and Falling in Reverse. With so many events happening in March, San Francisco is the one city you have to be in.

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