Prague in February: A Great Option For Traveling

Posted on Jan 20 2014 - 12:00pm by Tyler Coleman
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Within the realms of the Czech Republic, Prague is the largest city. For its long standing history, this city is known as a historical, political, architectural and business hub of Europe. Prague also has a wide variety of well known attractions and landmarks, that make it worth visiting. This city has museums, theatres, and other technological exhibits that make this city incredibly popular for singles, couples and families. According to some recent statistics Prague is one of the top 10 cities in Europe that is visited.

Prague in February

Prague in February Weather

The climate of Czech Republic is an oceanic climate that boasts cool to cold winters and warm summers. Coming to the Czech Republic in February you can expect to see some snow, typically this region will receive about six inches of it. It is also incredibly humid during this time, this weather experience may be incredibly different for western travelers. Prague also is incredibly windy, which makes traveling around Prague incredibly cold(factoring the chill factor). The average highs of Prague in February is about 3 degrees Celsius and a average low of -4 degrees Celsius. However, the rainfall in February is very low and the winters in Prague is very dry.

What to Wear and How to Pack

What to wear in Prague should includes winter clothes and a lot of layers. For women it is a good idea to bring a parka or denim outfits. Denim outfits make great options for women to travel through Prague in the daytime. Denim outfits can be worn with a variety of other outfits like sweater, V necks and other long sleeve shirts. At night it would be best for a woman to wear a jeans, but a dress can be worn, with a overcoat or trenchcoat.

Men should choose woolen sweaters and sweat clothes to wear in Prague. These two options offer you both comfort as well as warmth in the cold of Prague. At night it would be a great idea for men to wear a dress shirt with a blazer underneath a trenchcoat or a leather jacket. Kids should wear heavy layers to keep them from freezing in the low temperatures. Kids should make use of thermals, sweaters, denim jeans and hoods that can keep them warm. The best accessories to bring with you will include: gloves, hats and scarves.

Events in Prague in February

There are plenty of events in Prague that will keep you entertained and help you become immersed in the culture of Prague. One event you should see is the Century of the Waltz and Polka. This showcases the evolution of social dance since the 19th century. The Vital Art Nouveau this exhibition showcases many facets of artwork from Eastern Europe. This exhibition has more than 400 items altogether and even shows off art from the Paris World Fair of 1900. The Opera Barocca allows you to see some historical plays from the 18th century.

Prague Nightlife in February

Prague has a whole host of different nightclubs that cater to a variety of different tastes. Some of the more noted nightclubs include: Hot Peppers, M One Lounge and Sweet Paradise. These types of clubs offer nightclub patrons a variety of different music and scenery to enjoy. Also they feature some of the best beverages and dance rooms in Prague.

Prague in February To Do

When visiting Prague in February it is extremely important to visit some of the more cultural and historical attractions. Some of these noted attractions include: The Astronomical Clock, Old Town Square, Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague as well as the National Theatre. Many of these attractions have a very influential parts of Prague.

Prague Tourism in February

Approximately 50% of the national income comes from the tourist that visit Prague. Tourism is a very important aspect of Prague, and the city does its absolute best to provide comfortable accommodations for visitors. This includes its huge number of inns and hotels for visitors in Prague.