Paris Nightlife Dress Codes

Posted on Feb 22 2014 - 7:58am by Tyler Coleman
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Paris is one of the best cities to hang out in but when you go to its’ nightclubs you want to dress in such a way that you will impress those at the club. Make sure that you dress sexy but do not dress overly provocative because Paris is a place where sophistication still rules the dress code in most clubs. Locate some inexpensive clothing stores in Paris if you want to buy new outfits just for the clubs and do not be afraid to negotiate for the best price. Always touch up on the makeup while at the club and it also helps to learn some basic French words and phrases.

Paris Nightlife Dress Codes

Contact The Club First

Generally in Paris most clubs have a strict dress code and this means that you cannot wear tennis shoes, casual clothing such as jeans and sandals, or graphic T shirts. The standard dress code in Paris is dressy or semi formal but this doesn’t mean that some nightclubs and restaurants do not allow you to dress casually. It would be a good idea to contact the club first or visit the club’s website ahead of time to find out what the dress code is.

Read Fashion Magazines

Paris is a fashion conscious city so if you want to know about Paris nightlife dress codes, you should read the French edition of magazines such as Elle and Vogue because if you look at the photos of celebrities and the clothing ads, you will get an idea of what to expect when you arrive at Paris nightclubs.

Wear Heels And Accessorize With Jewelry and Scarves

Another way to adhere to Paris nightlife dress codes is to wear heels with your outfit along with a scarf and beautiful jewelry as accessories. Wearing these with your outfit will give you plenty of attention at the venues and you will feel confident while hanging out with the locals at the club.

How Should Men Dress In Paris Nightclubs?

Just like women, men should also wear semi-formal clothing when going to a nightclub and there are several ways that men can pull the look off. Put away the everyday jeans and flannel shirt and instead you want to wear nice slacks and a dress shirt with dress shoes and possibly a neat blazer with the outfit. You want to be well groomed when headed to the club and your hair should also look decent when going out.

Make Sure Shoes Are Comfortable

Since you will dance at the nightclub, you want to choose shoes that are in line with the dress code but not uncomfortable. For example, if you are wearing a sexy wrap dress at the club, you may not want to wear flats but you also do not want to wear very high platform heels that will cause you problems while at the club.

The Outfits Should Be In Line With This Year’s Trends

In Paris everybody keeps up with the latest trends in fashion so when you go to the nightclub, you should arrive with an outfit that reflects the current trends, particularly the more high-class clubs in the city. You might get frowned upon if you are wearing trends that went out of style two years ago.

Wear Some Makeup

While some clubs in Paris do not require that you put on makeup, it is a good idea to do so because when you put on makeup you make yourself look more attractive and it hides some of the imperfections on your face so you will not feel self conscious.