Nightlife in Wembley London

Posted on Feb 28 2014 - 4:01am by Tyler Coleman
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Nightlife in Wembley is more than just attending football games; you can also visit some of the pubs, nightclubs and theaters in the areas outside of Wembley. When you arrive in Wembley you want to purchase some travel guides and talk to some of the locals to find out where the best hotspots are. If you are getting around through public transit, you want to get a map so you will know where the buses or subway passes and at what time they pass. Practice safety when enjoying the nightlife and find out the nearest hospital and police district in the event an emergency arises.

Nightlife in Wembley London

Junction Tavern

This is a neat place to check out a variety of local and imported beers and you can enjoy great snacks after hanging out at Wembley Stadium. This tavern holds beer festivals duting the year that go into the nighttime hours and some of the main dishes served here include broad bean and pea risotto and a huge pork chop served with homemade tangy applesauce.

Champagne Bar

This bar is located not far from Wembley in north London and it is a place for those with sophisticated tastes. There are 60 kinds of champagne available at this bar and you may have a hard time choosing a certain champagne for your personal taste and budget. The bar has a nice trendy feel to it so it would appeal to the young and trendy crowd but older persons are just as welcome here.

Barfly Camden

This is a hip club that has a lot to offer patrons who are visiting Wembley and the stadium within this city. It is black on the inside but it also contains bold LED lighting for the patrons’ enjoyment. At this club you will see new and established local bands performing and much of the music played there is upbeat and trendy.

Restaurants Near Wembley London

Wembley is located in northern London and here are some neat restaurants that are located not far from Wembley since Wembley does not have many major restaurants. Mason’s Arms is a great restaurant in North London that has traditional British food and BBQ and according to customers the food is good. Other good restaurants to visit include North London Tavern, The Oxford and Amphora Restaurant and Wine Bar.

Finding Affordable Hotels in or Near Wembley

After enjoying the nightlife in Wembley you will need an affordable place to stay during your trip and here are some ideas on doing this. One idea is to check out some of the youth hostels in Wembley because these cost less than the regular hotels and you get to know fellow travelers as you will share living space with them depending on the hostel. Call the hotels in Wembley and ask about discounts on the rooms. London based price comparison websites are a good source of help in looking for an affordable hotel.

What You Should Wear During Cold Months in Wembley

If you are enjoying the nightlife in Wembley during winter, here is how you should dress. Always wear a stylish heavy coat since it falls to the 30s and 40s at night and some neat boots can be worn to the clubs along with some leggings and a dress. Scarves are important to wear while in Wembley during the winter months and since it rains periodically in Wembley, a raincoat and umbrella are necessary for going out on certain nights. Do not wear your most casual clothing as most London residents dress to impress at night, particularly at the nightclubs and restaurants.