Nightlife in Durban

Posted on Mar 19 2014 - 5:03am by Tyler Coleman
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One of the best cities in the world to visit is Durban. Located in South Africa, this city is an extremely busy seaport in Africa. Aside from being a huge business centre of Africa, this location is a very popular one for tourist from all around the world. Every year millions of people visit Durban, because of its beautiful beaches and tropical humid climate. Though this location is very beautiful and has much to offer, it’s nightlife does not receive that much attention. For those planning on coming to Durban, there are a few hot spots and locations to be aware of. Also, it is a good idea to know how to dress when going out.

Nightlife in Durban

Durban Hip Hop Nightclubs

Hip Hop Palace Nite Club & Pool City –  is a great venue for those looking for a hip hop nightclubs. This nightclubs spins some of the best in old school and new age hip hop. Along with its great selection of music, this nightclubs also acts as a billiards club. For those interested in just lounging around and playing a game of pool, this club offers you plenty of pool tables. This club also offers a unique VIP lounge that is perfect for both large or small parties. Come enjoy great VIP treatment from some of the best waitresses and servers in Durban.

This nightclub not only has just one, but two huge bars that are fully stocked with some of the best in beers, wines and spirits. Big Screen television surround the venue and there are tons of sound and lighting to make this nightclub one of a kind. Also there is outdoor smoking on the balcony overlooking the city. The beautiful Durban city will be at your feet as you enjoy the cool, gentle breeze in the air. On every Tuesday there is Karaoke night with live music being played by a resident DJ.

After Hours Nightlife in Durban

The nightlife in Durban is known to be extremely diverse ranging from raves and hip hop to bars and techno lounges. One nightclub in particular is known for its wide assortment of music.

The Origin Nightclub – is a great local hotspot to hear the best in Top 40 hits and new music that you probably have never experienced. There are a variety of DJ’s that come to this venue and spin never before heard music. During this time you can expect to hear music from Funk to Reggae and smooth jazz.

With its wide range of music, you are sure to hear some sounds that you will love, so this is definitely a club that you come to when you are ready to party. The dancefloor in Origins is incredibly spacious and will always be packed with fellow club goers. Come ready to party hard and dance into the wee hours of the morning. With great drink specials and an incredible array of beers and spirits. Keep in mind that there are a variety of different music that will be played here, so keep an open mind while on the dance floor.

Jazz Nightclubs in Durban

Rainbow Restaurant & Jazz Club – One of the premier Jazz nightclubs in Durban is Rainbow Restaurant and Jazz club. This vintage Jazz clubs brings together some of the best local Jazz acts and music into one location. Come dressed to impress in this upscale environment with great food. The Rainbow Restaurant and Jazz club made history when it began to allow blacks into their doors, during the apartheid. This Jazz clubs has a great selection of food options and great drink specials available. Come ready to hear the best in Jazz music with soulful performers from all walks of life.

Other Options For Nightlife

When most people think of nightlife they probably are thinking of nightclubs, bars and lounges full of people talking, laughing, dancing and drinking. In Durban nightlife extends beyond simply drinking and dancing, into different aspects of the Durban city.

North Beach Durban Nightlife – At North Beach you can expect to see a variety of different dive bars and great restaurants. This waterfront location is ideal for watching the sunset or enjoying the evening breeze of the town. There are plenty of local sights to see such as yachts and boats selling by. There are also outdoor dance halls with spacious dance floors that are perfect for people to have a great time dancing at.

uShaka Marine World – For those that are big fan of the sea and love waterfront entertainment Ushaka Marine World is a great venue for you to check out. This venue offers you an opportunity to explore the underwater caverns and even go cage diving with sharks. This experience will show you all that Durban has to offer from its great seaport restaurants to the beautiful bottom of the ocean. There are also an array of aquariums with exotic fish and tons of opportunities to go snorkeling in the day or nighttime.

Women’s Nightlife Dress code in Durban

When women are dressing for a night out on the Durban city, they should think stylish and elegance. There are a variety of clothing options that a woman can wear that will work well for almost any venue that she goes to. One great option for women would be a nice pair of dark washed skinny jeans. These jeans work well for any nightclub or local bar that you will go to. These skinny jeans can be matched with a nice short sleeve belly shirt. It is important for women to remember, that the city of Durban is incredibly humid.

In light of the humidity in Durban, a woman will not want to wear an outfit with long sleeve or dark colors, as it will cause them to sweat. Another great option would be a nice short sleeve button down shirt. This can be worn with a nice pair of leggings and heels. This causal, but highly stylish look can be quite a head turner for those fun Durban nights on the town. Heels are a great option as they look great with a number of bottoms and tops. Stilettos should be left at home as the street of Durban can be somewhat uneven.

Men’s Nightlife Dress code in Durban

For men there are a variety of clothing options that can be worn when going out at night. Many men will want to feel comfortable, but look stylish at the same time. One great option would be a nice pair of jeans(preferably fitted) and a nice V neck shirt. This is a great option for going to a nice local bar or a outdoor club. This look is very comfortable and can be styled nicely with a pair of dress shoes or loafer.

For a more trendy look a man could wear a nice V neck sweater and a nice pair of chinos. This combination is perfect for going out to the nightclubs in Dubai. Matched with the right dress shoes or loafer, this look is incredibly trendy and stylish. Men can also wear a nice cardigan with a dress shirt underneath it for a more preppy look. Cardigans with a nice pair of dark colored slacks goes great with a nice pair of penny loafers.