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New York City is a global metropolis although it is located in the United States because of the diverse cultures that inhabit the area. This city is home to some of the most popular entertainment facilities such as Broadway theaters, Radio City Music Hall, Madison Square Garden and it is home to Times Square, a bustling attraction for locals and tourists. However, New York City is more than just Manhattan because in fact this city has five boroughs. The five boroughs are Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island and the Bronx. It was in the Bronx that hip-hop had its’ early beginnings and currently Brooklyn is undergoing an urban renewal that includes the addition of new condominiums, restaurants, supermarkets, shopping centers and even sports facilities. For those seeking a good education, New York City offers several nice educational institutions such as Columbia University, City University of New York and Hunter College.

New York City Attractions

New York City Attractions

If you are visiting New York City on a shoestring budget, there are New York City attractions that are free or low priced. For those who enjoy jogging and other outdoor activities, you and your family can visit Central Park. You can also check out Staten Island by riding the Staten Island Ferry. Grand Central Terminal is the waiting stop for those needing to get on the subways but this is also a good place for people watching. Of course there’s Time Square and you can walk around and enjoy the sights of city life with friends. If you like literary events, the New York Public Library is the place for you to check out. You can also check out Harlem, which is a historic African American neighborhood in New York that has experienced renovation in recent years. Some places to check out here include the Abyssinian Baptist Church which was the first African American church in the state of New York, the Apollo Theater, and the Studio Museum of Harlem.

Interesting Facts About New York City

Between 1789 and 1790 New York City was the capital of the United States and the nation’s first president George Washington was sworn in at a hall in what is now known as Wall Street area of the city. The first pizza parlor was built in New York City in 1895 and it has over 80 museums for tourists to visit. 37% of New York City’s population is from different countries and 170 foreign languages are spoken here, making this city one of the most culturally diverse and interesting cities in the nation if not the world. In addition, the United Nations headquarters are located in this city. We can also say that New York City is poised to be a more sustainable city than other parts of the country since many residents do not own a car and use public transportation, ride bikes or walk to their destinations. The city’s infamous Statue of Liberty was given as a gift by the French government in 1886 to celebrate the nation’s birthday, and Ellis Island was a hub for some of the largest waves of immigrants in the 19ththrough early 20thcentury.

Best Museums in New York City

Best Museums in New York City

New York City has some of the best museums in New York City and here are a few that you would be interested in.  The American Museum of Natural History was first open to the public in 1869 and it has a wide variety of exhibits such as the Rose Center planetarium and other neat collectibles that deal with natural history as it relates to science. The Ellis Island Immigration Museum is another great place to visit because it gives a detailed account and view of the importance of Ellis Island to those who migrated to the United States in search for a better life. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is a legendary museum in New York City that has over two million pieces of art from the past few centuries as well as some contemporary art. There is also Madame Tusaeaud’s Wax Museum in the Midtown section of Manhattan and here you will see wax figurines of celebrities, business moguls and politicians that heavily resemble the real persons.

Weather in New York City

In the spring and summer it gets hot and humid in New York City and in the winter it gets really cold, rainy and snowy for a period of weeks at a time. The best time to visit New York City is between the months of September and early December since the weather is the most beautiful during this time. You want to pack some long pants, light sweaters, two pairs of gloves, a nice jacket that complements all your outfits and a pair of boots. Some rain gear should be packed in the event of rainy weather in the city. During the winter you should pack more heavy coats, thick socks, snowboots, scarves, hats and three to four pairs of pants. Forspring and summer cool clothing, sunglasses and sunscreen should be packed.

Best Things To Do in New York City

To get the most out of your trip to New York City, you should check out attractions in all boroughs of the city and not just Manhattan. For example, there is plenty to do in Brooklyn. You can the family can walk over the Brooklyn Bridge or ride a train to Coney Island, the iconic amusement area located in Brooklyn. The Brooklyn Museum offers diverse art exhibit from artists of different cultures and you can ride your bikes in Prospect Park. The New York Aquarium is another cool place for families who are visiting Brooklyn. If you are a foodie who will be in New York City during January and February, you should take part in the New York City Winter Restaurant Week because many of the city’s restaurants offer discounts on their meals and you can savor all that these restaurants have to offer.

New York City Nightlife

New York City has a vibrant nightlife filled with rooftop bars, live music venues, exquisite and cheap restaurants, theaters and nightclubs. If you want to get the latest nightlife listings on the venues in this city you can buy a copy of TimeOut New York and the New York Times. If you have relatives who live in New York City you can get suggestions from them about the nightlife there. The best areas to check out for entertainment are Greenwich Village, Chelsea, West Village, East Village and the Lower East Side. The historic neighborhood of Harlem has seen an increase in trendy clubs and restaurants so this is a good area to check out.

What To Wear in New York City

Consider the weather conditions when deciding what to wear on your trip to New York City and apart from this you should pack a combination of casual and dressy clothes for the trip. If you will be in the city during cold months you should dress in layers since it can get brutally cold at times. Wear a scarf, earmuffs, gloves, leg warmers under your long pants or skirt, boots, and a heavy coat. For the summer you would wear shorts, tank tops, flip flops and other kinds of summer gear.

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