Weather in New York City

Posted on Jan 30 2014 - 6:24am by Tyler Coleman
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Overall New York City has a moderate climate and this is because of its’ closeness to the Atlantic Ocean and because the city is comprised of small islands. The winter months are generally cold and at times snowy and rainy with January and February being the coldest winter months. If you are traveling to the city in the winter you want to bring boots, a few pairs of gloves, a few pairs of stockings, jeans and trousers, scarves and turtleneck shirts as well as heavy coats or jackets. In the spring the weather can be warm and pleasant on some days while being cool on other days so if you visit in the spring you should bring clothes for both weather extremes. Summer is generally very hot while fall in New York City is beautiful for outdoor activities.


New York City Weather in January

In January the weather in New York is at its’ coldest and this also means snow at times so you want to dress warmly when coming to the city in January. Throughout the month the temperature can be between the range of 39 and 53 degrees while on many days throughout the month it could be below freezing on certain days. Since Januarey tends to be a snowy month in New York City, you want to be prepared for flight delays and traffic issues.

Weather in NYC in February

In February the average temperature in  New York City is 32 degrees although it could fall to less than this on other days in February. It is also slightly warmer and less rainy than it is in January. If you plan to travel to New York City in February you shoulddress in layers and pack plenty of scarves, gloves, sweaters and coats, earmuffs and long sleeved pajamas. February is a good time to visit New York City because the city’s annual Restaurant Week falls in February.

NYC Weather in March

In March locals get a break from the extreme cold temperatures and it is also one of the rainiest months in New York City. The average temperature in the city in March is 50 degrees so you would wear much of the same type of clothing as you would during the colder months but you should also pack rain gear for the rainy days. This is probably an excellent time to visit not just because of the warming temperatures butalso because not many tourists come to New York City in this month although you may see some college students there for spring break.

Weather in April

Just like in March, it gets quite rainy in New York City in April so when packing for your trip there you should pack some rain gear. You can leave your scarves, earmuffs, gloves and thick hats behind because in April the average temperature is 60, which makes for pleasant weather on most days. If you plan to visit Central Park you can bring some comfortable jogging pants and a few sweatshirts.

Weather in May

In May it is an exciting time to be in New York City because the temperature generally climbs to 75 degrees in this city. During this time of the year most of the locals spend plenty of time outdoors and they engage in a variety of activities for spring holidays such as Memorial Day, Cinco de Mayo and Mother’s Day. The Tribeca Film Festival is also held in May as well as Fleet Week.

Weather in June

In June you will want to wear your best sundresses, shorts, short-sleeved shirts and tank tops with blazers because in New York City the weather climbs to 80 degrees in the daytime hours with temperatures of over 60 degrees at night. In June the Museum Mile Festival occurs on Fifth Avenue so you should wear comfortable but dressy walking shoes along with a semi-formal dressy outfit for the warmer months.

Weather in July

Be prepared to sweat like bricks in July when you go to New York City because it is the hottest time of the year there. It also tends to get plenty of rain and thunderstorms during the month so you should pack rain gear along with cool clothing such as flip flops, shorts, short-sleeved shirts, jeans, tank tops and other summer gear.

Weather in New York City in August

The weather in New York City is still very hot so you want to dress comfortably when you visit the city in August. You would wear the same kind of clothing that you would wear in the other summer months and make sure you stay dehydrated by drinking plenty of cold water when you go out. In August you can attend events such as Harlem Week,  baseball games, WNBA games and free events in Central Park.

Weather in New York City in September

We now get into some of the most pleasant days to visit New York City because the average temperature there is 76 degrees and in the evening hours the temperature is close to 60 degrees and up, which is not very bad at all. You can enjoy this weather in peace because it is not too crowded and school is back in session for the younger residents. This is a great time to come to New York City because Fashion Week activities take place in September and you can check out Labor Day activities.

Weather in New York City in October

Why not stay in New York City one more month because in October the beautiful weather continues with an average temperature of 65 degrees and you should hang out in the city’s parks as much as possible because you can have romantic picnics underneath the orange and brown leaves or you can rent a bike and ride over the Brooklyn Bridge. The New York Food and Wine Festival also takes place in this month.

Weather in November

If you are tired of the same Thanksgiving Day festivities in your hometown, you can hang out in New York City in November because the weather is pleasant and this is your chance to enjoy it before it turns very cold in December. If you are going to the city in November you can break out in your latest fall fashions since the average temperature this month is 54 and you should pack some light sweaters, jeans, a jacket, boots and tennis shoes.

Weather in December

It starts to get a bit colder in December with an average temperature of 44 degrees with a low of 32 degrees. You want to wear heavier coats and jackets when you visit the city in December and a few scarves, boots and gloves should be packed in your suitcase. It is also good to bring lip balm, lotion, pure cocoa butter and glycerine soapto keep the skin moisturized.

The weather in New York City is moderate and pleasant overall and there are times when the weather gets extreme there. Always pack for weather related emergencies and before you head to the city you should check the forecast so you will know how you should pack for the trip.