Best Museums In New York City

Posted on Jan 30 2014 - 5:02am by Tyler Coleman

New York City is a city that offers diverse entertainment outlets such as theaters and nightclubs and it is also home to over 80 museums that offer an insight into different cultures, periods in history and American and global culture in general. Most of the museums in the city offer days when you can visit for free and discounts are available on certain days. If you want to visit museums for free in New York City, you can visit different museums' websites and look at the days and times when they offer free admission. You can also visit the museum during special occasions since some museums offer free admission during those times. Here is information on some of the museums in New York City.


  • Best Museums In New York City
  • Best Museums In New York City
  • Best Museums In New York City

New York City Battleship Museum

The New York City Battleship Museum is a cool place to visit because you and the family will learn about history and science as it relates to aircraft and the space industry. One aircraft carrier that is located in this museum is called the Aircraft Carrier Interepid and this carrier was launched in the early 40s. Other important aircraft exhibits you will find at the New York Battleship Museum include the British Airways Concorde and the Space Shuttle Pavillion.

New York City Intrepid Museum

This museum is actually the same as the Battleship Museum and it has the same exhibits as the Battleship Museum. One important activity at the Intrepid Museum is the Exploreum and with this activity visitors can engage in hands-on projects that teach about the properties of sea and air and how this pertains to the operation of the Intrepid ship, which was once used in World War II to battle Japanese forces then this ship was decommissioned after the war. Here at the museum you will also see the USS Growler, which was a historic ship that handled nuclear operations in World War II. Another neat exhibit to check out is the Capsule Recovery collection that features American space capsules that existed in the 1960s.

New York City Museum Mile

The Museum Mile is a long stretch of miles on Fifth Avenue in the Manhattan section of New York City and on this long street you will see 11 museums filled with the best in art and culture from all around the world. It is considered one of the most prestigious areas of New York City and every year this area hosts the Museum Mile Festival where visitors can check out all 11 of the museums and enjoy good music and food. El Museo del Barrio is a museum located along Museum Mile and it emphasizes artwork from artists based out of Latin America and the Caribbean. The Jewish Museum is a museum on Museum Mile that documents traditional Jewish culture and the lives of Jewish Americans and those across the Jewish diaspora. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is the most prominent museum in the city.

NYC Ground Zero Museum

This museum's  purpose  is to educate the public about the events surrounding 9/11 and the museum seeks to honor the memory of those killed in the terrorist attacks. When you visit the museum you get to pick up and hold actual artifacts that remained in Ground Zero after the attacks and you can listen to stories from the tour guide concerning what happened at Ground Zero following the attacks. Some of the remnants you will see here include a page from the Bible in Genesis 11, which is the chapter that details the Tower of Babel and the destruction of it by God. Another remnant of the attacks you will see is the frozen clock and other items from that terrible day. This museum also has a wide collection of audio recordings and photos taken from the weeks after the attacks and this provides deeper insight into this tragedy by those who lived through it.

NYC Naval Museum

New York City does not have a particular naval museum and the closest place that comes to a naval museum is the Intrepid Museum. At the Intrepid Museum you will find various ships and other aircraft carriers that were used mostly during World War II and the years following until they were decommissioned. If you enjoy the Intrepid Museum you will also enjoy its' Fleet Week celebrtations because this is a time when the city's residents get to see the ships that are used by the Navy.

New York City Holocaust Museum

The Museum of Jewish Heritage is a museum that is dedicated to the memory of those who passed away during the Holocaust during World War II and it is a storehouse filled with activities and cultural artifacts that pertain to traditional Jewish heritage and Jewish Americans' contributions to American and world history. Some past exhibits included American filmmakers' photos of the things that occurred during the time of the concentration camps, work from poet Emma Lazarus, an exhibit about Jews during the Soviet era going to the 1970s, and an exhibit that deals with the Nazi's use of medical eugenics against the Jews in Germany.

New York City 911 Museum

The National September 11 Memorial Museum is a museum that is currently being constructed in the middle of the World Trade Center and the purpose of this museum is to commemmorate the tragedy that occurred on Sep. 11. This museum will do this by having artifacts, letters, audio recordings, newspaper articles and photos. It will also feature information about the lives of every victim of the attacks so that you will have a more personal understanding of what their lives were like. But the 2001 attacks will not be the only thing that will be remembered. The lives of those killed in the 1993 World Trade Center attacks will also be remembered.

Museums in New York City for Children

The Children's Museum of Manhattan has existed since 1973 and it has diverse exhibit, interactive activities, and others. Some past exhibits at this museum include Discover Ancient Greece, Adventures With Dora and Diego and a summertime water activity for the kids who enjoy swimming. At the Children's Museum of the Arts the guests are invited to create artwork of their own and they can look at art that comes from over 50 countries.

American Museum of Natural History

This museum showcases the best in natural history and the sciences and this museum was founded in 1869. It contains 27 buildings and thousands of neat exhibits that will attract adults and children alike. The Museum of Natural History has a huge dinosaur room and an exhibit that includes taxidermy artifacts and information on the field in general.

New York City is home to museums that suit everyone's tastes and these museums are not very expensive to visit if you take advantage of free days and discounts that the museums offer. Many of these museums have existed for over hundred years while others are fairly new but the best thing about the museums is that give you a glimpse into the world around you when you cannot travel to different countries. Since New York City is a global metropolis, it makes sense that it would be a hub of grand museums and other arts establishments.

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