New York City in March: What to Do, See and Experience in the Big Apple

Posted on Feb 16 2014 - 3:23am by Tyler Coleman
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The city of New York is a well known tourist attraction, that attracts tons of different tourist from all around the world. The city of New York has a wide variety of different events and activities for visitors to attend. New York City in March offers you an awesome opportunity to see all that this city has to offer. New York City is known for its bright lights, tall structures, great restaurants and tons and tons of people. This city is the 3rd most populous city within the United States, boasting nearly 9 million residents.

What to Wear in New York City in March

New York City Weather in March

During March you can expect the temperature of the city to begin warming up. March is the beginning of the Spring season for New York. However, some of the cold fronts from December, January and February will still be present. The most important thing to consider when traveling to New York City in March, is to prepare for warm, yet cool environment. The Average highs of New York in March is around 10 degrees Celsius with a low of about 2 degrees Celsius. Packing for a trip to New York requires that you pay attention to the weather patterns during that week.

What to Wear in New York City in March

Before buying that plane ticket to New York it is important to consider what types of clothing to bring on your trip to New York. It is advised that you bring winter clothes on your trip to New York City in March. This is due to the lingering cold weather fronts of the winter time. The best types of clothing options to bring include casual, trendy, upscale and comfortable clothing. New York City is rather casual, which allows you to wear just about anything while you are visiting.

Women: What to Wear

Women should bring a few different options of jeans. The best types of jeans to bring on this trip is denim. Denim jeans go great with a variety of light or heavy sweaters. The best colors to wear are black, navy, white and gray, because these colors attract light(thus heat). A woman should also bring a heavy jacket, and a light jacket for both daytime as well as night. The light jacket goes great with jeans or comfortable sweatpants to keep you warm during the day time. Women should also bring a few changes of long sleeve shirts.

During the night time it is a good idea for a woman to bring a heavy jacket. This jacket should be made from heavy materials such as: cotton and wool. Both of these types of jackets are great for staying warm and keeping your dry during a possible rain shower. It is advised that a woman bring dress pants for an amazing night out on the town. If a woman would like to wear a dress it is advised that she do so while, wearing a leather jacket to keep warm. There is no worry about losing your jacket as most venues in New York have a coat check of some kind.

Men: What to Wear

Men should also pack for New York, like it is winter time. The best option for men to wear during the daytime is a nice sweatshirt and sweatpants to match. This outfit is not only comfortable, but the right outfit can be stylish as well. Sweatsuits offer men warmth during the chilly day time temperatures, without requiring them to pack many articles of clothing. If a man would like to dress more stylish, he can always opt for a nice sweater and boot cut jeans. Boot cut jeans are typically made from tougher materials such as denim, which offers you comfort and warmth.

During the daytime a man has the choice to wear jeans or a nice pair of dress pants. Depending on the location that you are heading to, dress pants may be a better option. When dressing for the night time, a man should choose a classic options such as a nice dark dress shirt, dress pants and a nice leather jacket. This ensemble looks great and will get you into nearly any venue that you want to attend. Also a nice short sleeve sweater worn on top of a dress shirt is a great option.

Kids: What to Wear

Kids need to dress in layers when traveling to New York. It is very important that a child is dressed incredibly warm as to keep away from being sick. Kids should refrain from shorts and skirts as the cold weather of this city can be unbearable. The best option for kids to wear is a nice pair of jeans that will keep them warm during the day or night time. These jeans should be worn with either a light or heavy jacket. A nice sweater is a great option for both young boys and girls and these sweaters should be made from heavy, woolen materials. Also, children should have a few options of pullovers and dress shirts for boys. Girls can wear leggings(if appropriate) with a skirt during the day.

Footwear: What to Wear

When it comes to visiting New York in March, what you wear on your feet is almost as important as the clothes you bring with you. Footwear for this trip should be made very carefully, as failure to bring the right shoes can result in an unpleasant trip. The best footwear to bring to New York, is comfortable boots. Boots can come in handy when dealing with the cold weather in New York. Also, boots can be fashionable as well, making a great option for any of your outfits. Boots also are incredibly comfortable as they allow you to walk around the city of New York, for sight seeing. During the evening boots can be worn or dress shoes(heels for women). However, the best option for going to nightclub and other night venues are dress shoes.

Accessories: What to Wear

One of the best accessories to bring on your trip to New York in March, is a winter hat. A tundra hat is a perfect option as well. These types of hats are great as they cover both the head as well as the ears. Another great accessory for your trip would be a nice pair of gloves(leather or wool preferably). During the chilly night air a great pair of gloves can be the difference from enjoying your night or hating your trip.

Visit New York in March

When visiting New York in March expect to meet other visitors from all around the country. This is one of the best times to visit New York, as Spring time means warmer weather. Also New York, is located next to the Atlantic Ocean, making it perfect for those interest in doing some water activities. Since the weather is rather mild the beach, will be clear offering you all of open surf and fun you can handle.

New York March Events

One of the best things about visiting New York is that there is always something to do, or a event to watch. The Apollo has a long history of hosting some of the greatest new performers and unsigned talent. Come to the Apollo and check out their open mic nights, and enjoy some of the best that New York has to offer in singers, dancers and comedians.