New York City Attractions

Posted on Jan 30 2014 - 5:39am by Tyler Coleman

When you visit New York City you will never get bored because the New York City attractions cater to people of all ages and they are also entertaining. It's not just the nightclubs and bars that make up the city's entertainment; it is also the restaurants, free community events and theaters and museums that make this city a great place to visit. When you research places to visit in the city, don't just check out the places that have high fsvorable ratings but look for activities that are off the beaten path but that are also affordable and entertaining. Talk to some of the local residents and get their opinions on where the best attractions are. 

  • New York City Attractions
  • New York City Attractions
  • New York City Attractions
  • New York City Attractions
  • New York City Attractions

New York Hidden Attractions

One hidden treasure in New York is the Morris Jumel mansion and it is the oldest house in Manhattan. It was built in 1765 and it was the place where George Washington's Continental Army resided temporarily and it is now a museum. Visitors can watch jazz artists and other kinds of performances at the Morris Jumel mansion during the week and on weekends. Another hidden attraction is the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens because here you will see a wide variety of traditional and exotic plants, including a large collection of roses. If you like unique artwork you should check out the Rubin Museum of Art because it has Himalayan and Tibetan that is colorful and filled with history. If you like to shop off the beaten path, you can visit the Young Designers Market because here you can browse and purchase clothing from up-and-coming designers.

Attractions For Teenagers

You can take your teens to visit the top of the famous Rockefeller Plaza where they can observe New York City from the top. Your teen will also learn about the history of Rockefeller Plaza and this will be something your teens will not forget. Once the tour is finished, you can take the teens to the outside skating rink that is located near Rockefeller Plaza. The Empire State Building is another great place to check out with your teens and they will also like the Grand Central terminal because it is more than just a place to wait for the subway. It is also a place where you can eat delicious food and tour this historic landmark. Broadway plays are usually enjoyable but you need to book tickets a few months your trip. Other neat places include the American Museum of Natural History, Apollo Theater tour, Central Park, Coney Island, New York Public Library and sporting games from area teams such as the New York Giants or New York Mets.

Christmas Attractions

A popular thing to do for Christmas in New York City is to visit the New York City Ballet because every Christmas they feature a showing of the Nutcracker which includes the infamous toy soldiers and the traditional songs from this play. This is especially a treat for the kids and anyone who loves theater The Children's Museum of Manhattan is great for the kids and you can also take them to some of the city's best restaurants for Christmas dinner.

Indoor Attractions

If you are visiting New York City in the summer, check out some of the city's best indoor water parks. The Six Flags Great Escape water park has a variety of water slides and it also has a wading pool that many guests enjoy. The Cascades Indoor Waterpark is another neat indoor water park that has a tube slide and it has a cafe where delicious snacks are served. The Sony Wonder Technology Lab is a neat place for tech geeks because they will learn about technology's beginnings and the way that technology operates. Aspiring filmmakers who are in college can also get up-close details on what happens during movie production and they can learn about robotics. The indoor sports center in the Chelsea area of the city offers sports and fitness activities.

NYC Haunted Attractions

If you are visiting New York City during Halloween you will need to check out some of the city's best haunted houses. The Blackout Haunted House requires that you walk through the entire house without anyone else accompanying you and you will see renactments of violent crimes that often occur in a city. The Blood Manor is another great haunted attraction in this city. The Dakota Building is said to have been haunted because this was the residence of John Lennon and he was killed right outside the building in 1980. St. Patrick's Cathedral is thought to have been haunted and even Radio City Music Hall is said to be inhabited by ghosts of the past. The Manhattan Bistro is a restaurant in the city and according to some former workers, there is a ghost there of a lady who was killed in the 18thcentury.

Natural Attractions in NYC

The American Museum of Natural History is one of the best natural attractions in New York City and here you will explore all things scientific and relating to natural history over the past few decades. The Hall of Saurischian Dinosaurs is located within this museum and contains a huge collection of dinosaur artifacts, and this museum also has exhibits that deal with marine life, biodiversity, and a section that focuses on a collection of minerals. Central Park is another nice natural attraction with lush green spaces and a serene environment to walk or jog in. You can also visit the Bronx Zoo and observe a variety of animals and plant life while checking out other activities there such as the Bug Carousel and Butterfly Garden.

Fun Attractions in New York City

Beer lovers should head to the borough of Queens and check out the Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden because here you get to enjoy high quality beers, eat diverse cuisines and enjoy outdoor concerts during the day. This garden has tall green trees and the best times to visit are during the spring and summer months. The Museum of the Moving Image is also located in Queens and this museum is dedicated to the history of the movie industry. Music lovers will enjoy free music concerts from aspiring musicians at Julliard who perform inside the Lincoln Center.

Free Attractions in NYC

If you love to ride on ferries, the Staten Island ferry is free and while on it you get the chance to look at Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty from a distance as well as the city's high skyscrapers. You can also dream of shopping by doing some free window shopping on Fifth Avenue and other popular shopping areas of the city. Central Park offers free and simple pleasures and if you love great artwork you can visit museums on days when they offer free admission. Another idea is to visit different subway stations and observe the subway performers, or you can sit inside Grand Central terminal and watch the hustle and bustle of city life. The New York Public Library is also a neat free place to visit.

When you visit these New York City attractions, you will have a lifetime of memories to share with friends and loved ones. You want to book your hotels and events at least six months in advance and you should also research the events to determine if they will be liked by you and your family. 

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