Macau in February: Great Travel Location For Tourist

Posted on Jan 20 2014 - 11:51am by Tyler Coleman
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The city of macau is one of the largest ones within the Republic of China. Macau’s primary economic sources comes from its tourist and gambling centers. Macau has a wide variety of different tourist attractions and different hot spots that will entertain, inform and amuse you. Macau was labeled as the largest gambling city in 2006(even bigger than Las Vegas, Nevada). This city has everything from gambling centers to museums and even historical landmarks. For anyone considering doing any traveling in 2014, Macau is a great destination.

Macau in February

Weather in Macau in February

The weather in Macau during the month of February can be described as relatively cold and extremely humid. The climate classification for this city is a humid subtropical one, with very warm and sticky summers, followed by cold, bitter winters. Fortunately the rainy season in Macau does not occur until early summer time and last only about three months. The average highs of Macau in February are around 17 degrees Celsius while the lows are about 13 degrees Celsius. With an average of about 10 rainy days within February you are bound to catch some rain during your travel to Macau in February.

What to Wear and How to Pack Macau in February

For women it is important to pack a lot of warm and comfortable clothing for a trip to Macau. It is vitally important that you bring at least 3 different types of heavy jackets that you can wear during the evenings. Also it is a good idea to bring a few changes of sweaters that can be worn during the day time. As far as bottoms are concerned a woman should stick with denim pants that will help keep her warm. These denim pants can go with a nice sweater or a nice long sleeve shirt and a jacket. Though it is advised that women wear pants at night, a dress can be worn underneath a heavy coat.

Men should stay away from short sleeve T shirts. It is advised that men bring a few changes of sweaters as well. These sweaters can be opted for a few changes of pullovers as well. These make great top options for men as they are incredibly comfortable and go with a plethora of bottoms. Men should bring slacks, jeans, denim pants and chinos for a trip to Macau in February. Also a jacket with a hoodie would be perfect in case of rainfall. Kids should dress similar to Men with an emphasis on layers of clothing. Also the best types of shoes for this weather would be boots and leather shoes(as they make great insulators of feet).

Some of the best accessories to bring on a trip to Macau in February would be a nice umbrella for the family. With an average of ten rainy days in February, you are bound to catch some rain while visiting. Along with the umbrella it is important to bring a nice pair of gloves with you as well. For women a nice scarf can be a great accessory to bring.

Events in Macau February

One of the biggest celebrations during the month of February will be the Chinese New Year. This extraordinary events offers you a once in a lifetime opportunity to see an authentic Macau New Year’s celebration. During the ten days of this celebration many festivals and parties will be happening all around the city of Macau. Many of people will greet each other with a small gift of money for good luck in the New Year.

Macau Concerts February

One extremely popular and long awaited concert in Macau is the Girls with Guitars concert. This concert is happening on February 8th and features some of the best female guitarist in the world. They include the Jules O’Brien and Tango and Snatch.