London in March: The Great City of London

Posted on Feb 16 2014 - 3:11am by Tyler Coleman
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London has long been known as a great place for those looking for a bit of a change from a normal vacation. London has a variety of different venues and great locations for those looking to have a good time. The city of London has a lot for first time visitors to see and experience, whether you come by yourself or in a group. If you have never been to London, before than March is a great month to visit. When in London you can expect to one of a kind architecture, that has been around for hundreds of years.

London Weather in March

London has been classified as having an oceanic climate, with an very intense rainy season. When coming to London in March, expect to feel the lingering cold of winter time. Though March is a the beginning of March, temperatures typically won’t start to rise until late May or early June. Expect to experience some rain as this month typically receive about 10 days of rain every year. However, you may not experience much snow, as this city on receive about 3 inches during March. With average highs of about 12 degrees Celsius and lows of about 4 degrees, this is a fairly chilly time to visit London.

What to Wear in London in March

What to Wear in London in March

Keeping in mind the climate and the average weather conditions of London in March, it is best to pack winter clothes for this trip. London is known for its random rain showers that can last for hours and even days. When packing for this trip keep in mind that you may have to experience a variety of different adverse weather conditions while you are here. Also, keep in mind that these weather conditions can stop and change abruptly. In other words you may experience rainfall for two straight days, then have four hours of sunshine, that is immediately followed by even more rain.

Women: What to Wear

There are a variety of clothes that you must bring on a trip to London in March. One of the most important articles of clothing that you need to bring with you is a jacket with a hood. The jacket should be fairly thick or made from a heavy material. If you are not a big fan of heavy materials then you should opt for an leather jacket. As far as the clothing you should wear, you should stick with sweaters and long sleeve outfits. It would be best to stay away from shorts and short sleeve shirts, as the London weather can be rather unpredictable.

During the nighttime, the temperature will fall very dramatically. Keep in mind that the ocean breeze will add to the chill factor that is present in the climate. The best types of outfits to wear at night would be denim jeans and a thick sweater or cardigan. Along with the sweater and denim jeans, you should wear a trench coat or overcoat. If you want to wear a dress during the night time, it is advised to stay away from short skirts.

Men: What to Wear

For Men it is advised that you bring a variety of different sweaters and jeans. These options are not only stylish, but will keep you warm. For those looking to get more of a trendy look, you can always wear a dress shirt with a nice pea-coat and some nice dress pants. If you prefer you can swap out dress pants with a nice pair of chinos or dark washed jeans. Instead of a dress shirt you can always put on a nice long sleeve thermal with a jacket.

During the night time the best option for you to wear is a nice pullover sweater for nightly outings. Pullover are very stylish that can go great with just about any pair of pants. It is a good idea to bring a heavy overcoat along with you, especially if you plan on walking to a venue. A trench coat will work just as well and goes great if you plan on wearing a suit to a nightclub or any after hours venue. The best type of suit to wear is a very slim to skinny suit, which will show off your natural frame.

Kids: What to Wear

Kids should be wearing layers of clothing to deal with the cold environment of London. Since you can easily catch a cold going from hot to cold, kids should wear thermals to help regulate the heat in their body. Kids should also wear jackets with hoods on them that will allow them to stay warm and dry, if it should rain. Kids should have a variety of different heavy sweaters made from heavy materials. Kids should also stay away from shorts and stick with jeans, denim pants and chinos for their bottoms.

Footwear: What to Wear

The proper footwear can help make your trip to London more enjoyable. The best types of shoes to bring on this trip are a nice pair of boots. Boots should be a staple of your luggage as they provide great comfort as well as style that goes well with all outfits. There are a variety of different boots that would work, but try your best to stay away from leather boots. The rain will tarnish leather boots causing them to look worn out. Along with boots it is also good to bring a variety of dress shoes for going out at night.

Accessories: What to Wear

The best accessories to bring on this trip is an nice pair of earmuffs to deal with the cold. Ear muffs have become more stylish as the years have passed. Along with the earmuffs, a scarf makes a great option for you. Scarves are unisex and make a great accessory for both men and women. Scarves are designed to help keep your neck and face warm while out in the cold. Finally a nice tundra hat will keep your head and ears warm and has become a more common accessory all over the globe.

Visiting London in March

London in March has a variety of different venues and locations that will serve as entertainment as well as an educational location for you. One historically significant venue is the Royal Opera House. This Opera House has been in existence for hundreds of years. During this time the most famous and noted opera singers in came to this venue to perform. This tradition exist unto this day and continues to serve as a popular hot spot in London.

Events in London in March

During the month of March, you can expect to see some of the greatest acts coming to London. Beyonce is set to come to London for an 8 days. You can enjoy all of her hits and her new singles as she performs live in London. Along with Beyonce, there is an Viking collection and exhibit opening in the month of March. This will be the newest Viking exhibit in 30 years! Finally you can watch a new movie called “Noah” starring Russell Crowe and Emma Watson. These three shows are just a few of the events that are happening in London during March.