Las Vegas in March: Having Tons of Fun in the City

Posted on Feb 16 2014 - 3:00am by Tyler Coleman
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The city of Las Vegas is one of the biggest and most well known tourist cities in the world. Las Vegas provides a plethora of events, locations, scenery and restaurants for people visiting. Las Vegas also has museums, nightclubs and locals parks that will serve as entertainment for groups and couples. Las Vegas in March is a great time to visit the city as Spring is in the air. The cold of winter time has long since past and the Las Vegas heat is beginning to warm up. When coming to Las Vegas, come prepared to experience some amazing sights and sounds, that can not be found anywhere else.

What to Wear in Las Vegas in March

Las Vegas in March Weather

Las Vegas in March has a relatively warm climate. Las Vegas is a hot,dry arid desert climate that has cool, cold winters followed by very hot summers. Las Vegas in March, has an average high of about 21 degrees Celsius and a low of about 10 degrees Celsius. The month of March has a relatively low amount of rainfall. Typically March has one of the lowest rainfall times of the year. During March you should bring a certain type of clothing to this trip to Las Vegas in March.

What to Wear in Las Vegas in March

When planning your trip to Las Vegas, there are a few things to consider before leaving for Las Vegas. One of the most important things to consider is the type of clothing that you will bring along with you on the trip. The type of clothing that you should bring would reflect the March Weather in Las Vegas. Las Vegas weather will be rather warm and the evening time will be warm as well. Keeping this in mind it is important for you to bring appropriate clothing for this incredibly warm weather.

Women: What to Wear

The March weather in Las Vegas, will lend itself to warm weather clothing. Women should invest in shorts that will help keep them stay cool during a daytime outing. The shorts can be denim or cargo types, as these go well with just about any type of clothes. As for a top, a simple white T-shirt or printed T shirt. A V-neck work as well and goes perfectly with a nice pair of jeans. If you want to wear something differently, then a nice pair of leggings or capris are perfect. Women can also wear short sleeve dress shirts as well.

For the night time, the temperature will drop, but it will not be that dramatic. One of the things that makes Las Vegas stand out is that the wind blows warm air during the Spring time. Women would do well to simply bring a light jacket along with them. Usually you will not need it, but you never know when it may come in handy. As far as dressing for the nighttime, any dress(long to short) will work well for getting into nightclubs. Also a nice tub top and a denim jeggings can make you look incredible during the night time.

Men: What to Wear

Men should wear clothes that will help you keep cool during the warm spring day time. The best options for men would be a pair of shorts and a nice T-shirt. T-shirts can come in a variety of different colors and styles. V necks are not just great for women, but for men as well. The best types of shorts to wear would be cargo or jeans. Jeans can be worn as well. Fortunately there are a variety of different jeans(skinny,fitted,regular, and bootcut) that will make great outfit options for you. If you do have a long sleeve shirt, you can easily roll up your sleeves and wear them with your jeans.

During the evening men can wear a variety of different clothing options. One of the best options for you to wear is a nice cardigan. These cardigan can be worn under a dress shirt and a tie, to keep things trendy/casual. This cardigan can be worn with either jeans or a nice pair of slacks. Chinos can be worn, depending on the type of nightclub or venue you attend. If cardigans are not your thing, than a simple dress shirt will work incredibly well. Try to avoid stripes and go for solid dark colors(navy, blue, black, grey and white).

Kids: What to Wear

Kids should wear comfortable clothing while in Las Vegas. Kids should wear short sleeves and shorts as a great way to look stylish. Your kids have a variety of different choices for your children including a nice dress shirts. The dress shirts can be rolled up for a more casual look. For the young girls a nice jean skirt with legging underneath are a perfect option for them. Young girls can also wear capri pants and cardigans as well.

Footwear: What to Wear

When it comes to bringing the right footwear to Vegas in March, you have tons of options available to you. Tennis shoes are an stylish and comfortable option for walking around the streets of Las Vegas. Tennis shoes can easily be matched to almost any outfit that you plan to wear. Along with tennis shoes, sandals make great options as well, as they will allow your feet to be comfortable and stay cool. During the evening time a nice pair of dress shoes(or heels) is idea for going to a club.

Accessories: What to Wear

One of the best accessories to bring with you on a trip to Las Vegas, is mostly definitely a nice pair of sunglasses. With a wide variety of different sunglass options you can find a nice pair that will fit your face. These sunglasses are invaluable pieces to your outfits, that will offer you plenty of protection for you eyes. Another great option for you to bring with you is a nice hat, to keep you cool.

Visiting Las Vegas in March

Understand that Las Vegas has more to offer than just a few strip clubs and night clubs. Las Vegas has a plenty of options that will entertain you. One great option for you to visit is Bonnie Springs. Bonnie Springs is a old town western venue that will allow you to witness a first hand gun show. If you are more interested in going to nightclubs, than Palms is the best venue for you. Palms offers you Moon, Rain, Ghostbar and the Playboy Club. The best thing about coming to Las Vegas in March, is that this is not heavy tourist season. This offers you an opportunity to explore Las Vegas without having to deal with major crowds.

Las Vegas for March Madness

March Madness is a gambler’s dream holiday. The only thing that can make it even sweeter is spending this time in Las Vegas. Las Vegas lends itself to all March Madness lovers, as it allows you to be able to gamble. You can gamble at nearly every casino and enjoy watching your team go for the championship. Many of these casinos offer great drinks at incredible prices along with great food(hot wings, quesadillas and tacos). When it comes to March Madness, Las Vegas is definitely the best place to spend time here.

Las Vegas March Concerts

Las Vegas is a city of a million shows. Las Vegas has a wide variety of different shows coming up in the month of March. March shows include some of the smooth R&B sounds of Boyz to Men and Cee-Lo Green. You can go to the Palms and watch an amazing show put on by Bob Weir. During the first and second of March, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill will be performing at the Venetian. The entire month of March is expected to attract tons of music lovers with some of the best acts in all genres of music.