Italy in March: A Beautiful Destination For Travel

Posted on Feb 15 2014 - 2:49pm by Tyler Coleman
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Italy is an absolutely fantastic destination for anyone looking to travel into Europe during the month of March. Italy has some of the most beautiful countryside landscapes in the world. Along with the beautiful nature of the country, there are also different hotspots and must visit locations that will offer you tons to do. Italy has become one of the most traveled to locations within the last 100 years. On average more than 2 million people visit this country every year. If you are planning on visiting this city, then there are a few things to familiarize yourself with.

What to Wear in Italy in March

Weather in Italy in March

Italy is an incredibly beautiful geography with a unique climate. During the month of March there is about 13 to 14 days of rainfall on average. The weather during the month of March is becoming warmer and the wind is becoming less harsh. The rainfall during this period is very light and typically will not be anything more than some sprinkles. The average highs of Italy are around 15 degrees celsius with lows of about 5 degrees celsius. If you plan on going to the beach, then you can expect a cool, chilly climate.

What to Wear in Italy in March

Women: What to Wear

There are a variety of different types of clothes that a woman should bring to Italy, during the month of March. As a woman you will want to be both stylish as well as warm. One very stylish outfit that ladies will love is a nice pair of jeggings and a nice white or black T shirt. This T shirt can be a V neck or a crew neck. Both of these T shirts can offer you tons of comfort especially if made from cotton or another comfortable fabric. Along with the T shirt you should wear a nice light jacket to go along with the jeggings or a nice pair of fitted jeans.

Men: What to Wear

Men should stick to a variety of different sweater and pullovers both for the daytime as well as the nighttime. It is important to remember that the temperature will dramatically drop between the daytime and the nighttime. Men should bring a few choices of jeans, chinos and denim pants. These options will provide optimal comfort and style. Shorts are great, but they typically will not work during the evening time. During the evening time a man should wear something more stylish such as dress pants, cardigans, dress shirts and slacks.

Kids: What to Wear

Kids would benefit from wearing heavy fabrics and warm clothing. The need for layers will help them stay warm, especially during the evening time. During the daytime it is a good idea to dress your children in thermals. These thermals will offer your child an opportunity to keep warm and still be comfortable while in Italy weather. The climate of this city can be very chilly, so it is advised that children wear jeans instead of shorts or a skirt.

Footwear: What to Wear

The best footwear to bring during March in Italy is a nice pair of tennis shoes, that will go along with all of your outfits. The benefit of wearing tennis shoes is they offer you tons of comfort especially walking around Italy. Tennis shoes are also great options during the rainy days of the month. Boots are an incredibly universal footwear option that also goes great with a variety of different outfits. Your boots should be made from heavy, durable materials that will not get wet. Boots work great for option during the evening time, if dress shoes( and heels) are not an option.

Accessories: What to Wear

Since Italy is warming up you can get away with a few things, but it is important for you to bring a few accessories. Some of the best accessories to bring along with you is a nice umbrella. Though this city does not rain that often, there is a slight chance that you will run into a rainy day or two. During these days you will be happy you brought along a umbrella to keep you dry. During the night time a nice scarf will work wonders for keeping you warm in the cold weather of Italy.

Visiting Italy in March

When visiting Italy in March, there are a variety of things to do and places to see. One great location for you to check out while in Italy is Women’s Day festival. During March 8th you can come celebrate this festival honoring women and all that they do. During this festival men will honor women with a yellow mimosas. This festival has been going on for over 200 years and continues to be celebrated with food, drinks and plenty of music. This celebration is a once in a lifetime event that you can not miss.

Italy in March Where to Go

While in Italy it is important to visit some of the most well known locations in Italy. One of these locations is the Leaning Tower of Pisa. The Tower is well known all around the world as a architectural model. This Leaning Tower is one of the oldest buildings in the Cathedral Square. You can find out about the history of the building’s construction and how it began to lean while it was being built. This marble and stone building is about 184 ft tall.

Florence, Italy in March

The city of Florence is a very popular tourist attraction with nearly 2 million inhabitants living in the town. Florence offers you a variety of different things to do during the month of March. During the month of March, Florence offers you a variety of things to do and see. The month of March has a few holidays that you can enjoy while in Florence. St. Patrick Day’s in Florence offers you an opportunity to celebrate with many of the Irish inhabitants of Italy. You can enjoy the best in drink, food and dance while in Florence.

Venice, Italy in March

Carnevale is a huge festival that brings together tons of people living in Venice. There are tons of different parades going on with live music played by big bands and local singers. Venice holds certain costume competitions and contest that allow visitors to watch or even participate in. There are also masquerade balls and food fairs, that offer you the best in Italian cuisine and wine. There are also children’s balls and parades that will allow your kids to enjoy themselves in Venice. Venice offers so many attractions during March that it may be hard to find one thing to do.

Southern Italy in March

Southern Italy in March, offers you a variety of different locations and venues. Matera is a great option for visitors as this town offers a variety of old architecture and tons of beautiful landscapes. This is the perfect town to visit if you are interested in finding out about the history of Italy and its environment.

Holidays in Italy in March

There are a variety of different holidays that you can celebrate while you are in visiting Italy. Some of these holidays include: St. Patrick’s Day, Easter and Holy Week. These holidays are great as there are tons of festivals being celebrated while in Italy. While in Italy it is a good idea to visit as many different festivals as you can, during the month of March.