Istanbul in February: A Great Getaway For Everyone

Posted on Jan 20 2014 - 11:35am by Tyler Coleman
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The city of Istanbul is not really talked about when it comes to a great place to visit for leisure. However, this awesome city located in Turkey, has many great events, sites and attractions for the entire family. Istanbul is by far the largest city in Turkey with over 14 million residents. According to one stastitic nearly 12 million visitors come to Instanbul every year from all around the world. Most people visit Istanbul because of its rich historical culture. This site is known for the Silk Road that connects the Middle East to Europe.

Istanbul in February

Temperature in Istanbul in February

The overall temperature in Istanbul in February will determine the things that you do and the clothes that you should pack. Istanbul in February is a lot similar to winter time temperature all around the world. The climate of Istanbul is a subtropical/Mediterrian type that also is very humid during the summertime. With a climate such as this you can expect to see some rainfall on your visit to Istanbul in February. The average highs of Istanbul in this month is about 10 degrees Celsius with average lows of about 4 degrees Celsius.

Istanbul February Events

The city of Istanbul provides you with a whole host of events to see and take part of while you are visiting in February. One awesome event for a family with children is the 4 day Garfield event. This event features the famous Garfield and Odie performing many stunts and will keep your family entertained for hours. Who doesn’t love a good circus show? The Cuban Circus in Istanbul offers you a unique look at some of the best acrobats, high fliers and stunts that will take your breath away. This three day event is a great show for the entire family.

Snow in Istanbul in February

Though the conditions are right for snow fall in Istanbul, you should not count on seeing too much snow on your visit in February. Snowfall occurs but very infrequently similar to the amount of rainfall during the summer, experienced in Istanbul. Though it does not snow that frequently it would still be a good idea to pack some woolen jackets and denim pants just in case. There is only a 20 % chance that you will experience snowfall in February. When it does snow it typically happens towards the end of February.

Shopping in Istanbul in February

The Shopping in Istanbul is incredibly offering many well known name brands, and authentic Turkish clothing. One of the more well known shopping centers is the Capitol Shopping Center located in the heart of Istanbul. This shop offers you some of the latest and most fashionable clothing and fashion forward trends. The Olivum Outlet is another great shopping center that offers you great clothing options. This outlet focus more on older fashion options, but has shops with reasonable prices and a great food court. With two floors of shopping, you will have plenty of stores to shop at.

Cruises from Istanbul in February

There are tons of trips from Istanbul, Turkey to various locations. One trip in particular is a 7 day cruise from Istanbul to Rome. This will allow you to make stops at Greece, and a few smaller cities in Italy. For those interested in a long vacation that allows you to visit more than a few cities you can take a 29 day cruise from Istanbul to Tampa. This trip makes a few stops at Anatalya, Port Said, Messina, Cadiz and Ponta Delgada. This is the perfect trip for those interested in seeing a wide variety of different places.