How To Survive in The African Wilderness

Posted on Apr 4 2014 - 6:28am by Tyler Coleman
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If you want to survive the African wilderness, you want to consider which area of Africa you are visiting because the African wilderness varies by different sections of Africa. You should also be aware of the wildlife, terrain and average climate of the region you are visiting before you head to Africa. Another thing you want to do is learn some basic survival skills such as building a fire, preparing food outdoors, constructing huts and tents, handling confrontations from wild animals in the wildreness and administering first aid. Bring a map and study it daily so that you will have an idea of where you are if you get lost. Always drink plenty of water for hydration so that you will stay healthy on the trip.

How To Survive in The African Wilderness

Wear The Right Clothes

Another thing you want to do to survive in the African wilderness is wear the right clothing because this could be a matter of life and death. Research the climate in the African wilderness for the time of year you’re visiting and if it is going to be cool when you visit the African wilderness, you should dress in enough layers.

Seek Clean Sources of Water

You know you need water for hydration when in the African wilderness but it is important that the water you drink is drinkable and clean. Rivers and lakes are good sources of clean water but if the rivers and lakes experience pollution, you should consider getting rainwater since it is considered a clean source of water as long as the pot you use is sanitized first. Do not use standing water for drinking as this may contain toxic chemicals.

Read Wildreness Survival Books Before The Trip

Before you on a trip in the African wilderness you should read some good wilderness survival books because you may find tips that you never thought about before. Some good wilderness books to read are U.S. Army Survival, SAS Survival Handbook, 98.6 Degrees, Deep Survival, and Bushcraft: Outdoor Skills and Wilderness Survival.

Deal With Animals The Right Way

When you go in the African wilderness it is likely that you will encounter wild animals and here is how you should deal with certain ones. When you see a lion a few inches a way from you, you need to appear just as bold as the lion and you also want to make eye contact. You should also growl like a lion since this minimizes chances of getting attacks from the lion. If you come across a bear, never make eye contact  with him and avoid loud yells at the bear. Running away from other kinds of wild animals is your best option.

Building Your Shelter

To build a shelter in order to survive in the African wilderness, you want to tie a pole to a rock and once you do this you should have the pole in a slantwise direction. After this step you should  lay some sticks near the bottom of the pole and the sticks should be laid in a V shape. You should then pile dry leaves and other dead pieces of wild material on top of the sticks until everything is about three to four inches deep.

Surviving the African wilderness requires the ability to think on your feet and to follow your instincts when things go wrong while you are in the wilderness. You ill also need assistance from the locals in the area who can give you additional advice in this area. When you are well prepared, you will enjoy yourself more in the African wilderness.