How to Save Money When Traveling To Disneyland (Part 2)

Posted on Jun 25 2019 - 5:10am by Anna White
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A lot of people would like to know how to save money on a trip to Disneyland. Here are a few suggestions in four separate categories.


Please do not buy old fashioned tickets made out of trees. The planet is already too warm and they will charge you shipping costs to your home. Also the tickets could get lost in the mail. Go digital.

Don’t be a park hopper. Spend your entire day in Disneyland and your entire second day in Disney California Adventure and you will save at least $15

How to Save Money When Traveling To Disneyland

If you are driving to Anaheim and you are going to visit Hollywood and San Diego then check the Southern California CityPass. You may save a few dollars.

Transportation Costs

Aktarer Zamar found a glitch on the matrix and he knows how to fly from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world for less money and he decided to share this information with the rest of the world and started a company called Skiplagged.

Mister Smith quickly sent not one or two agents disguised as lawyers, but six of them. Each one of them claims he stole $75,000 out of United Airlines (UAL) and Orbitz. (OWW)

United Continental Holdings are currently the second largest airline in the entire world after Delta Airlines (DAL) and they generate at least $600,000,000 in profits for shareholders annually.

Perhaps they should use that cash to acquire smaller unprofitable airlines like Korean Air, Qantas Airways, Latam Airlines or Air France-KLM and kill some of their unprofitable routes.

Apparently, it is now illegal to be smarter than everybody else.

What’s next? Are they going to sue Travis Kalanick for creating a cheaper way of transportation than old fashioned yellow cabs? Oh yeah, they are already doing exactly that.

NOTE TO BARNEY HARTFORD:- If you don’t know how to increase your annual profits from $165 million to at least $330 million without filing any frivolous lawsuits then you should hire me.


Each child should bring a backpack with as many snacks and bottles of water as possible.

A lot of hotels offer free breakfasts, consider the additional cost of breakfast before you decide to pass on that hotel room that is a few dollars more expensive.

If you are on a very tight budget, then you should always pick the cheaper hotel and prepare your own fool’s gold.

You can feed up to 10 children or one Elvis with only one fool’s gold.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: You can only do this once or your entire family will die of a heart attack.

Here is more detailed information about restaurants near Disneyland.

You can eat pizzas, burgers, tacos and fried chickens at home. Try something else. Even if you are paying a lot more than what you are usually paying for food back home.

Plan very carefully your food budget and enjoy each and every meal. Don’t try to save money on food.

Imagine that you are a prisoner on death row and this is your last meal. Teach your children how to eat well. Back in the day when Jack the Ripper was still alive he used to lure his victims with grapes because they were extremely expensive and only very wealthy people could afford to eat them on very special occasions.

Now, we have Delaware Punch.

If you don’t live anywhere near the Caspian Sea it may be difficult for you to eat Beluga caviar but a few smart Chinese entrepreneurs went all the way to Iran and hired a few expert farmers a few years ago and they are now producing less expensive caviar. Saudi Arabia already did the same thing and Abu Dhabi is doing it right now.

In the near future caviar will be affordable.

The Bay Area is currently the region with the largest number of two star restaurants in the United States of America.

There are only seven of them and you should try to eat in all of them each time you are in California if you can.


If you want cheap hotel rooms near Disneyland below $90 click here.

One easy way to get a military discount which is up to 40% in some cases at any Disneyland resort is to join the Army Reserve.

There is extremely high unemployment in California. In fact, after the District of Columbia with 7.4% and Mississippi with 7.3% California is the worst place to live in the United States of America if you don’t have a job with an extremely high unemployment rate of 7.2%

This means that there are at least 24,000 unemployed within Anaheim where you can crash for a few days for a lot less money than a hotel.

First, find the cheapest hotel room that you can find in Anaheim and then search for any room available in Anaheim on airbnb for $1 less than the cheapest rate and you will find a lot of empty rooms.

For example, if the cheapest hotel room that you can find on Cheap Tickets costs $73 then you should search for all rooms with a price of $72 or less on airbnb.

How to plan for Disneyland?

If you are driving from Canada then you should buy the book So Help Me, I Will Turn This Car Around!: A Detailed Family Road Trip Plan Canada to Disneyland by Anne Greene.

Driving a thousand miles with your family can be a fun experience. The final destination is as important as the journey itself. This is better explained by three times Academy Award nominee Nick Nolte in the film Peaceful Warrior, which I strongly suggest you to watch with your family before you start your trip.

You must buy the book The Most Scenic Drives in America.

I also suggest a first aid kit, a AAA 42 Piece Emergency Road Assistance Kit, a Start Me Up and a Resqme.

This may seem obvious but you need to teach to your children how to change a flat tire before your trip begins or you will look like the worst dad in the entire world in the middle of the road waiting for the insurance company to send you a grease monkey.

If you don’t know how to change a tire then place a wanted ad on craigslist and pay a few dollars to an unemployed grease monkey to teach you how to do it.

After you are confident that you can do it by yourself, teach your children how to do it.

Please don’t kill anybody on the road driving with cheap and old Continental, Bridge stone, Goodyear, Pirelli or Sumitomo tires. Buy 4 new Michelin tires. I know they are more expensive but you are not going to need any money in the cemetery.

Regular tires are fine for the city but for the road you need the best of the best. After your trip is finished you can switch back to your cheap and old regular tires.

In 2012, 92 people were killed on the roadways PER DAY.

Make sure all your seat belts work properly before you begin your trip and make all the required reparations if any are necessary.

I think The Walt Disney Company should give away Michelin tires to anybody who is leaving Disneyland and driving outside California.  Thousands of lives could be saved each year.

Please make sure each person travelling with you has life insurance including babies and children. Be smart and protect your family against winos.

If you are driving for several days to Anaheim then you should research a movie theater near your hotel and take all your children to see a good film before dinner. It’s fun and to them it will be like the vacation already started despite the fact that you are still very far from Anaheim. If you have teenagers and you are going to sleep in a large metropolitan city then you should research all the concerts in that area and let them have some fun on their own. Just open an Uber account for them and they can book a safe car back to the hotel by themselves.

You are tired and you should sleep as much as you can but the kids have a lot more energy. Give them a few condoms and enough cash for a hotel room just in case they want to hook up with another teenager after the concert.

This generation is not like you and me. Get with the program.

Ultimate Packing List & Tips for Packing Better to Disneyland

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I found the blog post 9 Things to Pack in your Backpack for Disneyland – No Exceptions written by Casey Starnes very helpful.