How to Pack For a Trip to Jamaica

Posted on Mar 19 2014 - 3:45am by Tyler Coleman
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When it comes to picking a vacation spot that is beautiful year round and offers so much to do, Jamaica is one of the best options. Jamaica offers a wide variety of different water sports and activities that families can enjoy. There are even activities for singles and couples to enjoy all on this beautiful island. Before buying your ticket to Jamaica it is important that you choose which season you want to travel to Jamaica in. All four seasons offer visitors something unique and memorable. Also, you will have to consider how to  pack for a trip to Jamaica in each season.

How to Pack For a Trip to Jamaica

How to Pack For Jamaica in the Spring

During the Spring time is typically when most people will make plans to visit Jamaica. During this time the weather is rather comfortable and tourist from all over the world are coming to visit the island. Packing for Jamaica in Spring requires that you bring a few fundamental clothing options. One option that is great for men, women and children would be a few changes of cotton T shirts. These shirts can be both V neck as well as crew neck depending on your style of choice. This options is great because it can be combined with a wide variety of bottoms to make great looking outfits.

For women a nice white Vneck and a pair of jeggings goes great especially in the Jamaican afternoons. This options goes great with a pair of flat sandals or tennis shoes and is extremely comfortable. For men a nice crew neck shirt and a pair of cargo short and sandals is great for relaxing by the beach. For children a nice T shirt is great as it is extremely comfortable for children and allows them to mix and match it with shorts or pants of their choice. Along with a nice T shirt you may want to bring a few options of button down shirts that are both short sleeve as well as long sleeve. This option allows you to look stylish while out in Jamaica. For ladies a nice pair of capri pants will go great with a short sleeve button up shirt. As far as color choices you will want to go with sunny tropical colors such as(blues, yellows, light greens, etc).

How to Pack For Jamaica in the Summer

During the summer time it will be especially important that you dress comfortably and cooly, as the temperature and humidity can be unbearable for some. The best option for everyone would be a nice pair of shorts. Shorts can either be jeans or cargo. Both options are incredibly comfortable and offer you different styles. With cargo shorts you will have a more casual, relaxed look. This is perfect for traveling around Jamaica and sightseeing. Cargo shorts offer you a lot of space and pockets to put personal items in, so they won’t get lost. Jean shorts go great with linen shirts, that will keep you cool. The jean short go great with tennis shoes and are perfect for going to bars or restaurants in the town.

During the evening time the temperature may drop and become somewhat cooler. During the evening you will want to dress a little bit warmer, but you do not want to overdo it. During the evening a woman can wear a pair of leather pants with a nice Tube top out to a social event. If needed a light jacket can be brought along with you. For men a nice button up shirt and a pair of slacks with dress shoes is an universally great style option. This outfit for men is perfect for going out to the club or to a local bar. For children at night a nice pair of jeans with a long sleeve shirt should suffice. If the wind begins to pick up, a simple windbreaker or light jacket will be good enough to keep them warm.

How to Pack For Jamaica in the Fall

Coming to Jamaica in the fall is a awesome as the tourist season is typically over with. You will find that many of the beaches and local hotspots are deserted or not as crowded. Packing for a trip to Jamaica in the fall requires a lot of attention to detail. It is important to understand that the temperature has dropped down quite a bit, but it is not necessarily freezing outside. Also freak rainstorms can appear out of nowhere. One important thing to pack on a trip to Jamaica would be a nice umbrella and a few changes of coats. These coats or jackets will come in handy as the weather may be hard to predict. One great option for women to wear would be a nice sweater with a pair of jeans. This is an ideal outfit during the daytime or at night when it cools down. Match this with a nice pair of boots and any woman will be both stylish as well as warm.

For men a great option for the fall would be a nice sweatshirt with sweatpants. This is perfect for going out in the morning time or the afternoon, as it is extremely comfortable. Add a pair of trainers to the outfit and you will have a comfortable look for Jamaica. Another option would be to wear a nice cardigan with a v neck shirt underneath it. This look is very trendy and goes great with dark washed jeans and tennis shoes or a nice pair of dress shoes. During the evenings a man could wear this outfit with a nice pair of slacks. For kids it is a good idea that they dress warmly as well. A great option for children would be a nice pair of long denim(or jean) pants with a denim(or jean) jacket. This can be worn with crew neck shirt underneath it and a pair of tennis shoes. While traveling with children it is important to carry the umbrella with you anywhere you go. Your children can get sick out in the humid, but rainy environment of Jamaica in the Fall.

How To Pack For Jamaica in the Winter

Though it is not known for its cold climate, Jamaica can become rather chilly especially during the winter months of the year. Coming to Jamaica during the winter can be rather challenging to pack for as there are a variety of different clothing options you can bring. One of the staples of your luggage should be a nice overcoat or leather jacket. A coat is a necessity in the winter time, not an option! Along with a nice winter coat you will also want to bring along heavy woolen clothing that can protect you from the winter cold. These clothes should be worn with long pants made from denim or regular jeans. Cargo pants should be avoided as they typically will not be able to withstand the winter chill. Scarves are a great accessory to bring with you on a trip to Jamaica in the winter time. Scarves go great with just about any trendy outfit. Finally a nice pair of leather gloves for the family will really come in handy while there.