How To Pack For A Trip To Ireland

Posted on May 5 2014 - 5:33am by Tyler Coleman
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What some people may not know about Ireland is that it is an island and for this reason it gets rainy quite often no matter what time of the year it is. When you pack for a trip to Ireland you need to bring rain gear and before heading out you should look at weather forecasts for Ireland. You will also need your visa and passport and during the winter it gets really cold so be sure to pack some sweaters, boots and heavy coats as well as scarves. Other things you need to pack for the trip include travel guides about Ireland, camera, cell phobe, cash and credit cards, and a watch. Bring your daily medications with you on the trip.

How To Pack For A Trip To Ireland

Adaptors for Your Gadgets

The reason you should bring your own adaptor for your gadgets is because the outlets in Ireland are not compatible with your gadgets. If you are not able to bring any with you, you can buy a few at the stores in Ireland since they are affordable and match most outlets.

Health Insurance for Travelers

Another thing you will need when going to Ireland is traveler’s health insurance because the healthcare system in this country is not the most efficient and if you need emergency care, you could pay high prices. With insurance the process is easier.

Exchange Currency When You Arrive

You need to bring adequate cash with you and be ready to exvhange it for Irish currency. The kind of currency you need depends on which section of Ireland you visit. If you visit the Republic of Ireland, you would have to use the euro to buy things but if you are visiting northern Ireland you would have to pay in pounds.

Decide On Where You Want To Go

When you pack for a trip to Ireland it is a good idea to research the best places to visit in the country and what mode of transportation you will use to get around the area. For example, Ireland has plenty of castles and other historic landmarks so you can decide on which ones to check out. Another great place to see is the Dublin Writers Museum and in the city of Londonberry you will see an amazing Halloween festival. If you go to West Cork you can watch graceful whales move about in the water..

Don’t Bring Too Many Bags On Trip

This is important because if you are going on a short vacation in Ireland, it will be hard to keep up with all of the things you have and certain airports may have restrictions on the number of luggage you bring on board. You should bring mostly your necessities along with some items to help you relax. It is always a good idea to pack light for your trip to Ireland.

Traveling to Ireland is more than just a pleasant vacation; it is a place where you can learn about Ireland’s history and culture. Before the trip you should read as many travel guies and history books as possible about the country and if you know people in Ireland, call them and get suggestions for lodging nightlife and family friendly events in the country that are good for the kids. Be aware of the cultural etiquette there and get to know the natives as they provide a wealth of knowledge about the country. Practice safety when going out at night and only bring a small amount of money with you rather than the entire wallet.