How To Pack For a Sleepover

Posted on Feb 27 2019 - 6:45am by Tyler Coleman
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Who doesn’t like a great sleepover with tons of good friends. Sleepovers are times to hang out with friends, talk, gossip, watch television and listen to music. At some sleepovers there are also sleepover party games that are perfect for big parties and small. Before going to a sleepover it is important to know what to pack for the party. Depending on if it is a party for boys or girls, the packing will be changed slightly. All keep in mind that the age of the children should be considered when packing for this sleepover.

How To Pack For a Sleepover

Boys Sleepover

For a boys sleepover it is important to pack a lot of comfortable clothes that will breathe well. These would include clothes made from cotton and other fabrics that “breathe” in the heat. Most boys sleepovers will involve some rough and tumble play, so the clothes will also need to be very durable. A great option for boys sleepover would be a pair of polyester athletic shorts and a comfortable T shirt. Polyester athletic shorts are incredibly comfortable and breathe well in the heat. Also the fabric will not stick to a young man’s legs when he begins to sweat. The T shirt should be short sleeved for comfort. A cotton T shirt is the perfect option for a sleepover as they come in a number of different colors.

Along with the shirt and shorts, a nice pair of sweatpants can be worn as well. These sweatpants can be worn with a v neck shirt or a sweatshirt(depending on the weather). Sweatpants offer comfort for running and playing out in a yard or in a room. Most sweatpants are designed to be somewhat baggy so the young man will have plenty of leg room to move around in. The v neck shirt can be swapped out for a henley’s shirt or a tank top. Both of these shirt choices offer your child comfort while playing.

Girls Sleepover

For a girls sleepover it is important to pack a lot of different types of clothes for a number of different events that may transpire at the sleepover. A girl sleepover may be dynamically different from the boy’s so it is important to be prepared. A girl should bring out a pair of capri pants as these can be worn for both style as well as comfort. For a comfortable outfit the capri pants can be worn with a simple t shirt. This outfit is perfect for young girls who may want to run around and play at the sleepover. For style, the capri pants can be worn with a nice button up shirt with a collar on it.

Another great option for young girls would be a nice pair of pants that can be worn outside and inside. The great thing about jeans is that they can be worn with just about anything. A girl can wear jeans with a shirt, cardigan, sweater or tank top. These options are great for any type of girl’s sleepover. Skirts are not a great option for girls packing for a slumber party. Skirts can make running, jumping and playing very difficult for young girls.


It is important that your children bring toiletries to a sleepover. These items should include: toothbrush, toothpaste and deodorant. Children should also bring sunscreen for playing out in the sun. This is a very important accessory for the children to bring as it will protect them from the rays of the sun. Finally, a few changes of shoes including: sandals, and tennis shoes.