Hong Kong in March: Getting To Know the City

Posted on Feb 15 2014 - 2:35pm by Tyler Coleman
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One of the most densely populated cities in China, is Hong Kong. This vacation spot is well known for its beautiful surroundings and high rises. With millions of people living in this city, there are tons of different venues available to you. Along with its variety of different buildings, this city is incredibly in touch with its very long history. Before going online and finding your perfect hotel, it is important to have some knowledge of the city. This knowledge will help you better prepare for a trip to Hong Kong in March.

What to Wear in Hong Kong in March

Hong Kong Weather in March

One of the most important things to consider when it comes visiting Hong Kong in March, is the weather. The weather of a location can greatly change the experiences that can be had in Hong Kong. The weather during this time is relatively congruent with the weather found in Spring. The average high temperature of Hong Kong in March is 26 degrees Celsius with a low of 17 degrees Celsius. The humidity of the city is rather humid, with airy and cool nights. During this time period the rainfall is incredibly low around 74 mm.

What to Wear in Hong Kong in March

Being that Hong Kong is just starting to experience some Spring type weather, it is important to pack correctly for this visit. Hong Kong offers many sightseeing opportunities, great restaurants to eat and tons of things to explore. Since their is a high possibility of you doing some sightseeing, you want to dress comfortably. As temperatures during the day are typically cool, yet warm and night time temperatures are cool, you need to bring a few changes of clothing. Whats more important to consider is that everyone may have to dress differently.

Women: Wear in Hong Kong

Women should take advantage of the Spring time weather to enjoy a wider range of clothing options. Since Hong Kong prides itself on being fashion forward, a visitor can feel free to dress anyway that they like. A woman should bring a nice dress or skirt to keep cool in during the daytime. This dress can be worn with a variety of different tops to offset it. A classic white t shirt(both with a sleeve or sleeveless) is a great option for women. Another great option is bring capri pants along with you. If you do not feel comfortable in a skirt, these short pants will help give you comfort as well as style. A nice v neck shirt goes great with this option and you could even throw a shawl on top of it to accentuate the top.

As the night begins to settle it is a good idea to change out of a skirt into a nice pair of jeans. Jeans can be worn with a light sweater or jacket at night time to help keep you warm. As far as evening attire is concerned, women should be aware that Hong Kong is located next to the ocean. The ocean breeze can bring temperatures down fast! Jackets should be a staple of your nightwear, not an option. A final option for women is a nice evening gown or dress, with a nice leather coat.

Men: Wear in Hong Kong

Men have a variety of options available to them as well. One great clothing style option is to simply bring a variety of different short sleeve shirts and shorts. These shorts can be jeans or cargo shorts, for a change of pace. Hong Kong is rather casual so walking into an establishment like this will not warrant any awkward glances. Men can wear jeans or denim pants to replace their shorts. These jeans can be completed with a nice short sleeve dress shirt. This look is casual as well as incredibly comfortable. Since the weather is not incredibly cold or hot, you can easily mix and match different clothing options.

During the evening times men should swap out their shorts and standard jeans for more trendy, upscale wear. This is especially true if you plan on going out to the Hong Kong Nightclubs. One great option for you is a nice long sleeve dress shirt, tie and dress pants. This works incredibly well for those interested in going out a night. Instead of a dress jacket, you can easily swap this option out for a nice cardigan or sweater.

Kids: Wear in Hong Kong

Kids should dress similar to Men and maintain a number of different options. Nice shorts(both jean as well as cargo shorts) can make great options for kids. Short sleeve shirts are perfect for the children visiting Hong Kong. For young girls capris can be substituted for the shorts. During the evening times it is important that children are well prepared with a jean jacket or leather coat. These make great options for keeping children warm during the chilly evenings of Hong Kong.

Footwear: Wear in Hong Kong

The proper footwear for this trip, includes a few different options. The primary footwear options for Hong Kong, would be a few changes of tennis shoes. Tennis shoes should be comfortable and designed for walking long distances. Hong Kong has a lot to see and a lot of activities to experience while here. This means that you will have to do a lot of walking. Another great option would be a very comfortable pair of sandals. Sandals are great for traveling down to the beach as well as going around the city. A final option is dress shoes and heels for the ladies. These dressy shoes are perfect for going out at night or heading to a nightclub.

Accessories: Wear in Hong Kong

There are a number of accessories to bring with you on a trip to Hong Kong. One accessory in particular is a nice pair of sunglasses or shades. These sunglasses are perfect for going out during the daytime. The sun in Hong Kong can be extremely bright and a nice pair of glasses can help you. Along with a nice pair of shades is a great pair of gloves. During the nighttime these gloves can be worn to help keep you warm. Gloves also can help make any outfit stand out, especially with a pair of leather gloves.

Visit Hong Kong in March

Hong Kong has an array of different festivals, events and locations for you to visit during the month of March. One of the most well known events happening in March is the Ching Ming Festival. The Ching Ming Festival is a festival that is designed to honor the dead that have long since past. This festival includes: sweeping ancestors graves, eating tons of food and presenting flowers.

Hong Kong March Events

An extremely popular event is the Hong Kong Film Festivals. Located at a variety of different venues all around Hong Kong, you can observe more than 250 different movies from 50 different countries. The movies shown here include: Documentaries, short films and brand new releases. This unique cultural event allows you the opportunity to see some great movies, that you may not be able to see anywhere else. The average cost for one of these tickets is around $60.