Dubai in March: An Outstanding Tourist Location

Posted on Feb 15 2014 - 2:07pm by Tyler Coleman
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Dubai is a great city for those that have never been to an Arabic country. This city is well known for its large history and beautiful architecture. When visiting this city expect to see a variety of different buildings, venues, hotspots and nightclubs. Dubai is a very heavily populated city with nearly 3 million residents living there. As a result there are tons of things to do, see and experience while here. Dubai has grown incredibly fast in a few years and is expected to be one of the largest cities in the world.

What to Wear in Dubai in March

Dubai in March Weather

Dubai in March has an incredible diverse climate as it is hot desert climate. This hot desert climate lends itself to incredibly warm summer seasons, and dry, cool winters. During the month of March, Dubai is really beginning to heat up. During the Spring time, the precipitation of this city is at its very lowest. This means that you will not run into any snow or rainfall while visiting Dubai in March. Dubai typically has an average high of about 30 degrees celsius and a low of about 18 degrees celsius. All in all you can expect to feel the heat while visiting Dubai in March.

What to Wear in Dubai in March

When considering what to wear in Dubai during March, it is important that you keep in mind the type of climate the city is in. The climate of Dubai is a very dry, desert type which lends itself to warm to hot days and dry evenings. With very little chance of rainfall, you will not need to bring a hoodie or a umbrella, but there may be other accessories that you need to bring(which will be covered later). It is vitally important that you pack correctly for this trip, bringing the wrong clothing in Dubai, can make your trip a nightmare.

Women: What to Wear

Women should bring summertime type clothing to this trip in Dubai in March. March is the beginning of an incredibly warm period of time that will stretch until November. The best outfits for you to bring on this trip would be a few changes of shorts. These shorts should be made from comfortable materials and should be loose. Tight fitting shorts may not be appropriate for visiting all venues in Dubai. Women should also bring a nice skirt and a v neck T-shirt. A few options of T shirts and skirts are great options.

Women in the evening time should opt for a short T shirts and jeans. Jeans can be either fitted or skinny, as the evening air will not be cool. The best types of jeans to wear would be dark washed colors(black, greys and blues). If you do plan on going to any local nightclubs, then you can wear a nice dress with a light jacket. Another great wardrobe option would be a nice fitted sweater and some denim jeans. This look is more casual, but will work well at almost any venue.

Men: What to Wear

The city of Dubai can be incredibly windy during the day as well as night time. A great clothing option for men to wear during the day time would be a nice pair of shorts. The best two options of shorts include cargo shorts and jean shorts. Cargo shorts are great as they are very comfortable and typically come with a lot of pockets for you to carry your personal items in. Jeans shorts are more trendy looking and offer you more options for tops including: T shirts, V neck shirts and button ups.

During the evening time you can still wear shorts, but if you want a change then chinos are a great option. These pants can be rolled up to the mid calf and are very trendy and fashionable. These types of pants can be worn with T shirts, long sleeve shirts and dress shirts. Classic jeans are great as well and go well with everything from T shirts to long sleeve shirts. If you are interested in wearing a sweater you can, but it should be a very light one. It would be best to wear a dress shirt unbuttoned with a nice pair of slacks and white shirt underneath it.

Kids: What to Wear

Kids should wear light clothing that breathes easily and offers the child comfort. The best clothing for child would be a nice pair of comfortable shorts and a nice pair of linen shorts. These shorts will be incredibly comfortable and go great with a variety of different tops. For young girls a nice pair of capri pants can be both comfortable as well as stylish. Capri pants are great for the night time as well, but should be worn with long sleeve for young girls. During the evening time a light jacket can be brought along for more comfort.

Footwear: What to Wear

Some of the best footwear to bring to Dubai, is a nice pair of sandals. Sandals can come in a variety of different colors and styles that can suit any look you desire. One of the best sandals to wear to Dubai in an open toed sandals for women. This will offer women an incredibly comfortable sandal, while walking around the city of Dubai. Another great option for footwear would be a few changes of tennis shoes. Tennis shoes are a universal footwear option that goes great with almost any outfit.

Accessories: What to Wear

Seeing as Dubai is a desert it is a good idea to bring a hat of some kind. The best type of hat to bring would be a nice baseball cap with a nice sturdy brim. The brim can protect you from the heat beaming down upon you and keep you cool. Along with a hat it would be a great idea to bring a nice scarf as well. The scarf can be used to protect you from the arid desert of Dubai and its high winds. The scarf is also incredibly stylish and works well with any outfits.

Visiting Dubai in March

While you visiting Dubai in March there are a variety of different things to do and venues to visit. One great venue to visit in Dubai is the Dubai International Boat Show. The Dubai International Boat Show offers visitors an opportunity to see some great boats from all around the city of Dubai. Come meet the owners and captains of these boats and experience what it is like to be on a beautiful yacht. This event has it all from presentations and awards to live music and bands. Come expecting to have a great time nearby the water.

Dubai March Events

One great event that occurs during March is the Dubai March Cup. The March Cup offers you an opportunity to see some world class horse riding and an opportunity to bet. Every year this competition offers you an chance to see some of the best horses from the United Kingdom, United States and Australia. This is a high class, world event that attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world, so come expecting to meet some people from all over.