Clothes to Pack for Caribbean Cruise

Posted on Jun 27 2014 - 6:32am by Tyler Coleman
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The Caribbean is one of the most traveled to destinations in the world. The Caribbean is well known for its beautiful waters and beautiful landscapes. The Caribbean also has world class resorts with tons of amenities for singles, couples and families of all sizes. Going on a cruise to the Caribbean requires that you do a lot of planning in order to fully enjoy the trip. One thing to consider when planning your trip is what to wear. Packing for this trip requires that you do a bit of planning and prioritizing for the cruise. By using this article as a template you will have an idea of what to pack for a Caribbean Cruise.

Clothes to Pack for Caribbean Cruise

Temperature/Climate of Caribbean

The climate of the Caribbean is a subtropical, humid one that has some rainy periods followed by long stretches of warm, sunny days. The Caribbean is known for its high windy, rainy days, but these are typically during the winter seasons. During the spring and the summer time the temperature is fairly warm and sunny, offering you plenty of clear skies. The average high temperature is around 29 degrees Celsius with average lows of around 22 degrees Celsius. Typically if you do experience any rainfall it will be about 2-3 inches and will not last that long during the Spring and Summer months. Keeping the temperature and climate in mind will help you better pack for this trip.


Women should pack very cooly for this trip to the Caribbean. A few options of short shorts is a great way for women to relax by the pool or lounge by the bar in the Caribbeans. A nice two piece or one piece bikini should be brought along as you will probably do some water activities such as: jet skiing or swimming. Another great option for women would be a nice pair of capri pants with a short sleeve crew neck shirt. Brightly colored shirts work best in the summertime(stay away from blacks, grays and browns). As far as shoes are concerned sandals, tennis shoes and some heels(for the evening time) should be brought along with you. During the evening a nice party dress, or a tube top and jean skirt is a great option for going out.


Men should bring a wide assortment of comfortable fitting shirts for this trip. Short sleeve henleys, V necks and crew necks are all great options for men. A nice hula/island festive short sleeve button up shirt is a great option for men who want to look cool in the Caribbean. Match this shirt with a nice pair of cargo shorts and sandals and you will be ready for a day on the beach. Another great option for men is a simple tank top with some comfortable athletic shorts( as these are made from loose, comfortable materials). During the evening men should ditch the shorts for a nice pair of slacks. These slacks do not have to be fitted, just loose and comfortable for you to wear. Match these slacks with a nice silk button up shirt and you will be ready for the town.


More often than not kids will be participating in some swimming or aquatic activities while they are in the Caribbean. One of the best options for kids would be a nice pair of swimming trunks for boys, and a one piece for girls. For walking around the Caribbean, both girls and boys can wear shorts and cotton T shirts to keep cool in. Also, a nice hat for the youngster would be particularly effective for keeping them cool and their heads shaded from the heat.