Chinese Restaurants in Athlone

Posted on May 5 2014 - 5:23am by Tyler Coleman
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For those looking for great Chinese Restaurants in Athlone there are a few options for you to choose from. These Chinese restaurants offers you the best in high quality cuisine, beverages and desserts. People who have never been to Athlone may be a bit confused about where to find the best Chinese Restaurants. This is due to the high number of Chinese restaurants in the area. However, do not be fooled not all Athlone Chinese restaurants are quality and some can be downright awful. This article will take you through five of the best Chinese Restaurants in Athlone.

Chinese Restaurants in Athlone

Athlone: Imperial Chinese Restaurant

One of the best options for a Chinese restaurant is the Imperial Chinese Restaurant. This Chinese restaurant is located in the heart of the city. This restaurant is well known for its authentic Chinese and Korean dishes. Come to this restaurant expecting an unique experience with an awesome venue that may remind you of the restaurants in China. Their wide range of different Chinese foods include: egg rolls, lo mein, Orange chicken and General Tso. Along with their great tasting food options they also offer boba in a variety of different flavors.

Athlone: Ken’s Oriental Restaurant

Another great option for awesome tasting Chinese food at affordable prices is Ken’s Oriental Restaurant. This Oriental Restaurant offers an awesome array of both Chinese as well as Japanese cuisine. This restaurant is noted as one of the best Chinese restaurants in Athlone. Ken’s Oriental Restaurant offers you traditional Chinese foods that are prepared to order. The chefs at this restaurant offer fresh ingredients, that make all of the meals one of a kind. Unlike many other restaurants in Athlone, Ken’s offers you a take out as well as delivery options. Ken’s also can cater a variety of events, birthday parties and office parties.

Address: Irishtown Central, Golden Island, Athlone, Co. Westmeath, Ireland
Phone:+353 90 649 1119

Athlone: Row Inn Row Chinese Restaurant

Athlone has a variety of Chinese Restaurants that offer traditional Chinese cuisine. However only one offers traditional Chinese foods with a bit of a twist. Row Inn Row Chinese Restaurant is well known for its unique pairing of foods and flavors to create unique dishes. When compared to other restaurants in Athlone, Row Inn Row is very inexpensive, but very tasty. Come with an open mind and an empty belly, as many of the food combination available will be somewhat different than you are accustomed to. One great example of their unique flavor pairings is the Orange Lo Mein Beef plate. This plate combines the flavors of lo mein noodles with an tangy, but sweet beef cutlets.

Address: Count John’s, The Bawn, Athlone, Co. IE, Ireland
Phone:+353 90 647 5308

Lotus Garden Chinese Restaurant

One of the best, high end Chinese Restaurants is the Lotus Garden. The Lotus Garden offers an unique taste on traditional Chinese Restaurant. This venue is extremely classy and upscale, offering the patrons a beautiful restaurants. This Chinese Restaurant they offer a generous portion of food, whenever you order a meal. Lotus Garden is well known for its delicious Chinese bbq meals and Kimchi. At this restaurant you can eat duck, beef, pork and chicken with awesome sides including: white rice, pork fried rice and lo mein. This restaurant has a four course meal for only 25 euros.

Athlone: Jia Jia Chinese Restaurant

Jia Jia Chinese Restaurant is an awesome place to eat quality Chinese foods and beverages. The Jia Jia Chinese Restaurant has been known to many as one of the best ones in Athlone. Many patrons of this restaurant have been known to travel as far as 25 miles, just to eat here. What makes this restaurant stand out from the rest is the amount of meals and specials that it has to offer. Many of these specials are incredibly inexpensive and offer you generous portions of food. This resturants also offers plenty of rooms for birthdays and special events.