Beijing in February: Awesome Destination For Tourists

Posted on Jan 20 2014 - 11:08am by Tyler Coleman
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The city of Beijing is one of the most populated areas within the Republic of China. Noted for its amazing landscape and lush greenery, Beijing provides visitors with a plethora of sites and attractions. Beijing is typically thought of as a very cultural area with ties back to its ancient history. Though this city is based in Chinese culture, it is very modernized as well. This city has bullet trains, a vast business sector and tons of technological innovations that help modernized this city. Traveling to Beijing offers you a plethora of opportunities and a great option for tourists.

Beijing in February

Beijing Temperature in February

The climate of Beijing is a very important thing to consider before traveling to this city. Beijing in February experiences some extremely cold weather and can be moderately humid. The temperature in Beijing maybe a bit harsh for first time visitors, so it is important that tourists pack correctly. The average highs of Beijing in February is around -1 degree Celsius, while the average lows is about -6 degrees Celsius. With weather conditions this low it is possible to experience some snow, hail and severe temperature drops.

What to Wear and How to Pack Beijing in February

When it comes to packing for a trip to Beijing in February, it is vitally important that you pack for extremely cold weather. The weather in Beijing during this month will be consistently below freezing. This means that you can expect to see icy roads and may be even a bit of snow. The best option for a family to bring is a nice pair of thermals for everyone. Thermals can be bought in a variety of different colors that match your clothing. Thermals are designed to capture the body heat that a person gives off and helps keep the person warm.

Men should bring sweaters, pullovers and cardigans to help keep warm while going out a night. Women have the option to bring dresses, but it is advised that they also bring heavy woolen coats or jackets. These jackets should be worn over every article of clothing that is worn. For children and adults layers are a must. Layers means that there are more than one article of the clothing put on to keep a person warm. Snow boots, leather boots and dress shoes are the best options for footwear. As far as accessories: hats and tundras caps are probably the best options for people to bring. Gloves and scarves are also great options especially going out at night.

Beijing Concerts February

The Lumineers is an upcoming concert in Beijing at the Club Tango. The Beijing Opera is another amazing concert that showcases a performance piece that has been around for 200 years. This opera pieces takes an integral look at different aspects of life, love and humor. The Beijing Acrobatic Show, showcases some of the best high flying stunts performed by trained professionals. These acrobatics have been considered some of the best in the world. This is a perfect option for singles, couples and families visiting Beijing.

Beijing Events February

Beijing provides tons of awesome events and attractions for a variety of different people. One nice event is the Burger Bar Beijing which provides unlimited food and buffet style eatery. This eatery provides a variety of different foods from classic American to Traditional Chinese. With an open soup and salad bar, plus tons of dessert options this Weekly Lunch Update event is worth visiting. YUN Bar’s provides a Lady’s Night every Wednesday every month. The YUN Bar offers you the best in amenities and scenery, in this unique nightclub.