Amsterdam in February: Travel Destination For Attraction and Fun

Posted on Jan 20 2014 - 10:53am by Tyler Coleman

Amsterdam is one of the best and most well known travel destination for tourists all around the world. On a daily year more than four million visitors come to Amsterdam just to finish. This destination features a plethora of different activities, sites, and places to visit. Amsterdam has become incredibly famous for its coffee houses and its nightclubs that features some of the hottest DJ’s in the world. From the architecture to the museum, Amsterdam has a little bit of something for every member of a family.

Amsterdam in February

Amsterdam in February Weather

Before buying your plane ticket and hotel rooms for a trip to Amsterdam, it is important to understand the climate and weather conditions of this area. The climate of Amsterdam is considered to be a oceanic climate that experiences cool, cold winters and mild summers. This climate also is known for its humidity, rainfall and snow especially during the colder months. With average highs of 6.3 degrees Celsius and lows of about .5 degrees Celsius, you can expect a very cold visit to Amsterdam. For a visit to Amsterdam in February it is important that you bring appropriate changes of clothing with you.

What to Wear and How to Pack for Amsterdam in February

The very best clothing to bring on a trip to Amsterdam in February is all winter clothes. During the daytime temperatures will be overwhelmingly cold plus Amsterdam is known for its high winds. Denim outfits make the best choices for dealing with the cold of Amsterdam. Denim jackets and pants can be worn and accessories for men and women. Along with denim outfits, it is important to bring long sleeve shirt, t-shirts and button ups. These make great options for both day as well as night time. As far as bottoms are concerned men should choose jeans or chinos instead of shorts. Women can wear dresses so long as they wear leggings, or a trench coat with it.

As far as accessories are concerned it is important that you bring scarves with you. These scarves should be made from a wool that will help keep your neck and shoulders warm. Also a umbrella is going to be a great option for you to bring on this trip. The rain can be icy cold and unforgiving if you get caught without an umbrella. Finally a pair of woolen gloves(or leather gloves) for those that want to go out during the nighttime. Also, these gloves will keep your hands warm in case of snow.

Amsterdam February Events

If you are fortunate enough to visit Amsterdam in February you will be able to take part in a variety of different cultural events. One event that takes place during this month is the Chinese New Year. During this time Amsterdam recreates a typically Chinese New Year Celebration for everyone. You can enjoy a live fireworks show and even enjoy the watch a traditional lion’s dance performance. February 14 is also Valentine’s Day in Amsterdam. You can enjoy a romantic adventure through the town of Amsterdam with your love.

Festivals in Amsterdam in February

During February there are quite a few festivals available in Amsterdam. The Holland Flower Festival is an festival that attracts tens of thousands of visitors to Amsterdam. Each year there are different cultures that represented by the types of flowers used and their design. Ice Sculptor Festivals takes a look at some of the best and most entertaining sculptures.

Nightlife in Amsterdam in February

Paradiso is one of the most spacious and vivid night clubs in Amsterdam. Also Club Air Nightclub is another great option for first time visitors to Amsterdam. Club Air is separated into five different bars and can hold up to 1300 people. Finally Sugarland features some of the hottest local and international performers in the world. You can experience everything from hip hop and R&B to Punk Rock and EDM.

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